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Samsung UE55RU7400 HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV - Unresponsive Black Screens

(Topic created on: 16-05-2021 12:19 PM)
First Poster

Purchased a TV back in 2019, which had no problems up until yesterday despite nothing being done to it physically since installation. Model number UE55RU7400UXXU.

It was connected to my PS4 at the time, then out of nowhere the screen went black. It would then go from a black screen to a Samsung Smart TV logo screen. The text would appear slightly distorted with the text glitching downwards. These screens alternate every few seconds. The remote, which seems to work fine, is completely unresponsive while it alternates between the pure black screen, and the black logo screen.  I've tried changing plug sockets, and disconnecting devices/cables but the problem persists. Although turning power off from the plug and turning it back on will give me 1-2 seconds to use the remote before the black screens return and the remote is again ineffective. This has prevented me from doing any sort of setting based diagnostics on the TV itself.

Since Samsung support was less than helpful, I'm reaching out to the community in hopes that someone else has had the same problem as me and will give me a solution to fix it.  I do have a care plan, but would rather try and fix it myself if possible.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Justin Kyriakou
First Poster

Exactly the same as me. I’ve had my TV for 21 months so Samsung don’t want to know. I have quoted Consumer goods act 2015 at them that states the item should last a reasonable time or they should repair it. They have agreed to look at it but all that is going to happen is that they will say the TV is not economically repairable.