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Hello People of Samsung  I have a 40" 4K UHD LED 6 Series MODEL CODE: UN40KU6300  which had for about 2 Years and I notice these light Purple Patch Spot on my Screen. I did all the test and still shows these Purple haze discoloration spots on my screen  one is in the right corner and the other one is in the Middle of the screen. " I would like to know what causes the Problem and if there is a simple FIX to remove these annoying big purple spots?  If anybody know or have Youtube Video that can show me how to fix this problem Please post. To be honest I love this Samsung 4K TV and was about to buy a couple more for my business and House but, I have to reconsider because Samsung has not address this issue. After doing my research I notice a lot of People been having this same Problem with Purple Blueish spots showing up on their Samsung 4K LED TV SCREENS. Once again if anyone knows how to FIX and get rid of the Purple Clouds off the Screen Please reply.    

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Samsung had started to be my go to brand. We have a stove, tablet, several cell phones and the 4K tv with purple spots. The stove has an iffy element controller that I might be able to get replace, but I can't replace the element. The tablet keeps rebooting (common problem). The cell phones are being replaced, or have died. And the purple dots. My 11 year old LG TV is fine. It seems the Samsung design life is 3 years. And they are not cheap.

I am willing to live with older - working - devices. Nothing will be replaced with a Samsung device.


Just got that special feature today. This us the second time our happened. 1st one was a plasma HD. The blue streak went across my tv. And yes it was a little after 2 years. Now my 4k with 3 blue spots. What gives? No solution. Buy another Samsung? Not this time. Ssmsung will now get bad reviews from me. Time for them to get their act together.


I've just bought TCL 55 inch, so I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives.  Because my Samsung 3-D TV has blue spots everywhere  I won't be buying Samsung TV ever again.



Just an update on my post on 22-11-2019.  This problem with screens is not specific to one make. My LG tv was less than 2 years old when the fault became obvious. I'm in the UK btw.

Bought from Amazon UK, so complained to them. Their tech support referred me to LG in UK, and resubmitted proof of purchase & photos of screen fault. A few days before Xmas they came back to me saying they would collect, repair & deliver the TV for £50.00.

I told them I was not happy about paying for repair on a 22 month old TV (although it, and most TVs in UK only guaranteed for 12 months). I mentioned that it was not fit for purpose for a TV to have failed within 2 years & was not of reasonable durability. (My argument being its reasonable to expect a TV to last at least 5 years, usually up to maybe 10 years). LG wouldn't budge on cost, so after Xmas I went back to Amazon.

Under UK consumer law at least, whoever I buy a product from is responsible for it, so explained to them I was unhappy with LG response. I can't speak for other countries.

They quickly offered a FULL refund, to be paid upon receipt of faulty TV. (call me a*al but I still had the box for my 43" tv!).  They sent a courier to collect TV & paid out within about a week. Result !  Cannot fault Amazon response.


Bought a new LG 55SM9010PLA tv.


Samsung seems to be at the top of the list for purple spots.  I did a lot of research before purchasing my LG


oh well that means no more customer for Samsung tv whatsosever. I bought a plasma a few years back and it happened to that tv now my led 4k . Thats it good bye samsung. Stick to small screen like phones. all those years and still no resolve. you can tell im a bit peeved. i will let people know. they be sorry buying a samsung tv. hope you samsung readers are reading this. 


Well I'm having same problem and it is annoying

My purple spot is at top of tv .only visible at times dont see it when I'm watching tv.thank god but still annoying cause I know is there.other than that is a great tv.


we had one. then 2, soon 4, now its 5ish .

Really evident watching ice hockey. Hopefully soon it will be all purple and I can adjust the colour balance


my 2 year old samsung tv has a big purple blob top central very disapointing hope it doesn't to our other 3 samsung tv's won't ever  buy another after what have read on here shame on you samsung hope my phone doesn't go same way.


Were you able to replace the harness? If so, how did it turn out?

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