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Memory issues after factory reset

(Topic created on: 23-10-2021 07:34 PM)
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I have a samsung smart TV from 2017 (UE40MU6195, 1290 software) which I use to stream through apps (I had around 5 apps downloaded in addition to the pre-installed ones) and watch files from external HD's (USB). It's been working fine until today when suddenly it said that no content could be found on any of the hard drives. I googled the issue and when it didn't work to pull out the cord for a couple of minutes I did a factory rese

After the reset there was 0% memory, so I couldn't dowload the any of the apps I had before. I tried resetting the smart hub, doing another factory reset and resetting the smart hub again, which gave me 4% memory. I then tried doing a flash reset (5 sec on TV standby button, 5 sec on remote standby button). It didn't work the first time, but the second time it at least increased from 4% to 13% memory available. However, when I then uninstalled Spotify it decreased to 7%.

Additionally, I can now access the content on my hard drives, but when I play it, it's so much judder that it's unwatchable, no matter which hard drive I use (it doesn't judder on the computer). I'm going nuts and deeply regret doing the factory reset at all.