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Local Network Problems Samsung TV

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Model: UE40MU6179UXZG (Series 6)


Latest updates installed. Apps are updated. Tried resetting the TV and SmartHub. Tried resetting the local network.


Some unusual problems happen only via the local Network and not via a mobile hotspot.


1) Music streaming apps (e.g. Spotify, Radioplayer) work but won't stream their music (works through mobile hotspot though). Other streaming apps (e.g. Netflix, Prime video) work flawlessly. Internet connection seems to work on other apps (e.g. internet browser) as well.

2) The TV is visible for Samsung Galaxy smart view (for screen mirroring) only when disconnected from the local wifi. When connected the TV disappeares from the smart view options.


I believe there is a configuration problem with the local network. However Spotify and Radio mobile and Windows apps work on the same network, so only the TV has those problems. Already tried setting the DNS to manual ( and


Any ideas what might cause the problems?

Thank you very much.


Hey @SmartUser2! The best course of action would be getting in touch with the AudioVisual Samsung specialists. You can contact them on this number: 0333 000 0333. They will be happy to get to the bottom of this for you :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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