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Disappointing Frame TV 2019 and customer service.

(Topic created on: 30-09-2019 02:52 PM)

I just had what I would call a poor customer experience with John Lewis (and Samsung).


I bought a Frame TV (49) on 17th August. It got delivered on 23rd August.

It soon started to have some issues - so I looked in the community as I thought it might have been just a setting... and the problem seems intermittent. 


Samsung released a Firmware update on 28th August which I hoped solved the issue - ie. the TV is meant to turn itself on and off when you walk in the room via a Motion Sensor.


The issue continued intermittently.


I then had a chat with support on Samsung (rather than Community) on 23rd August (I have the chat transcript) - ie. 30 days since receiving the TV.


I had 2 subsequent chats - and i have been asked to do resets etc... I also got told to implement an additional firmware (v. 1318). The issues continue which leads me to believe the motion sensor has an issue.


Hence - I phoned John Lewis today and I have been told the only option is to have an engineer coming to repair on site - most likely they will need to come back with the part for a second visit and potentially the TV might also need to be taken away for repair.


I raised this with Samsung 30 days from purchase and I took other actions as I originally thought it was a setting issue - and then the firmware might have fixed things.


I would prefer the TV to be swapped out so it could be done in one visit. I still have the box as I started to have the issue early on. However I have been told that
1) John lewis cannot replace because it is over 30 days from the replacement
2) Samsung would not replace because it is over 28 days (I reported to them on 23rd Sept... so it was 2 days over!)


So - repair engineer is the only option... which means multiple visits ... possibly the TV taken away for up to 28 days whilst they wait for parts ... and not sure if I am fully confident in having the engineer already tampering what is basically a brand new TV.


For the sake of 2 days and the fact I did report to Samsung first instead of reporting to John Lewis and the fact there is a mismatch between the 30 days of John Lewis and 28 Days from Samsung. 


I think this is poor service and I would much prefer if the TV was swapped.

It is practically brand new with its box it woul make it much easier and quicker to replace.

Anyone had this? 

Any idea or suggestion?


We understand your frustration, @Massig. As the TV is now outside the returns period, a repair of the TV would now be the only option we're afraid. Is there a reason you feel the TV may not be able to be fixed by the engineer on the first visit?


Hi, the fault is intermittent and in my past experiences technicians never get this sorted... Which means at least 2 visits... Also I already been advised that the engineer would only come the first time to assess... Then might be another visit... And potentially the TV will still need to be sent for repair for up to 28 days...

That's a lot of time when I have to be at home instead of work... And an extended process... A simple swap would take one visit and be done with it. 


All because I try to use the community and try and solve by myself. Also because of a 2 day discrepancy between Samsung and John Lewis cover. 


In future... Will definitely weary of Samsung products. After all lots of other people are experiencing some issues with The Frame TV... Quality seems to be an issue... And of course if anything is out of the ordinary I will be straight to customer support and demand a replacement rather than try various suggestions... Clearly Samsung and John Lewis are super inflexible in how they deal with customers... 


Is a pretty cr** television, I got the 55 inch , the picture is not good enough, always problems with the sound , the remote , keeps resetting the ports ... is pretty bad, I wish I looked at the reviews before