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Cannot access basic Freeview channels on Smart TV, instead TVPlus is only available

(Topic created on: 03-08-2022 11:20 PM)
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Hi there

I'm trying to sort out my in laws Samsung Smart TV which is a 2016 model, and is only showing TVPlus channels starting at around 4000, and for some reason not showing BBC or any other basic channels. They were using a Sky box to access the channels but it has stopped working, and we are sure that they don't need the box as it's a Smart TV and they are not Sky customers any more.

I can get the model number when they find the manual 😏 or if anyone can tell me a quick way of finding this out through the TV menu...that would be fab.

It's a curved screen with white frame and 2 silver forked feet to left and right of the screen.

Thanks for any help....I'm new here!

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Hi @JazzKitten see guide for some troubleshooting, you will need to try the Automatic scan again. Channels,     Some customers have found that scanning after removing the aerial and then reinserting provides a solution when channels are missing and your manual tune may be accessible. In other words scan with the aerial removed when obviously no channels will be found, however this can reset the connection. You would then need to scan with the aerial connected again and see if this makes a difference.  other option is  to try   a Manual scan as shown here

However  if all else fails there is the possibility that there is some issue with the aerial.A  Booster can help. See some more information here 

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User 'starnett' is officially a genius!  After numerous attempts to get terrestrial on our ***** Samsung tv, I found this solution on Page 6 of another thread and IT WORKED!  Goodness only knows how he came up with this obscure solution but hats off to him! Below are starnett's instructions.

  • to into the Samsung TV Plus channel list
  • select 'Edit Channels'
  • Press 'select all' (top right on my tv) and then DELETE all channels
  • autotune option then appears as it shows no channels available
  • Follow autotune instructions as prompted

NOTE: Ours in a 2020 model so I hope this works for you.  We ended up with 150 digital tv/radio channels!  Please make sure that your terrestrial cable (coax) is plugged into the back of your tv.  I forgot to do this first time round as we have Virgin Media (which I'm cancelling, hence the need for terrestrial) and the Virgin cable goes into the coax socket on the back of the Virgin box and I assumed this would work.  It didn't but plugging in a dedicated areal cable to the tv did.  SO pleased as I thought we would have to get a new tv!

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I can't watch free view channels on my Samsung TV. Being overide by Samsung TV plus
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Phew, what worked for me was scanning without the aerial plugged in then scanning again plugged in. What a faff. Thanks for the suggestion!


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I'm having the same problem. Can't find how to work just Freeview. I will try the deleting channels and manually retuning with aerial in the back, like was mentioned in this thread.