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audio delay on bluetooth headset




since i bought my tv qled there is a delay in the audio in relation to the image in the bluetooth headset when i watch movies over the network cable that are on my computer through the app: plex.


I already reported this problem by phone.


I did an update yesterday, 1351.3, and it seems that they fixed this audio delay.
the problem is that the audio is now about 100 milliseconds ahead.


is it possible to fix this?
don't you think it is appropriate to provide a button for the user to make this audio delay correction on the bluetooth headset?




is there a way to synchronize the audio in relation to the video on Qled TVs? how ?

is there a date for the addition of an audio / video synchronization control on these TVs? When ?

Hi @Bilico1

We can certainly have a look to see if this can be sorted. Can you please confirm the model of the TV, and the Bluetooth headset, so we have a better idea of the devices?



TV model:    QLED TV UHD 4K 2019 Q60 49"                            QN49Q60RAGXZD


Bluetooth headset :       JBL_Tune500BT 

Thanks for providing these. Can you just confirm if the same issue occurs with a different pair of headphones?



Apologies for the late reply. Just got this confirmed by our specialists:

It is not possible to alter the Audio Delay for BT connections, only the Digital Output connections - Optical & HDMI-ARC.

Any Lipsync issues with BT Headphones are created by the Headphones themselves & not the TV. Thank you.



is there a way to revise the software of this model of tv to correct this audio delay with bluetooth headset?

is it possible that in the future there is an audio delay adjustment button on this TV model?

I use plex to watch movies that are on my computer's hd via a network cable and the audio delay is a little long.



That's such a cop out answer. I ha e a pair of Sony wh1000 mk3 bluetooth headphones, which are rated one of the best available and I have the same issue on my samsung tv. It doesnt happen on my s9, or my ipad.


You have just fobbed off one of your customers with an answer which trys to absolve you of both responsibility and any need to continue a conversation.


Just admit that you dont know why it happens on your TVs




I have this tv for a year and I have already tested 2 bluetooth headphones that have no delay in other devices.


I already contacted samsung Brasil to fix the audio / video delay in an update but they didn't fix it.


it's a neglect

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