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Constant noise with bluetooth speakers

(Topic created on: 08-02-2024 07:06 PM)
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My problem is the following: when connecting my 65" QLED Q60c TV (software version number  1310) via bluetooth to one JBL FLIP 6 (bluetooth 5.1) speaker, there is constant interference in the sound.

When attempting to connect two JBL FLIP 6 speakers as a pair to the TV, the noise and interference become unbearable. There is also constant cut offs in the sound and a large delay In the sound.

The bluetooth speakers in question work impeccably as a pair (stereo sound works perfectly and without noticeable delay) with video playback on all other devices tested such as Samsung a30s phone, iPad pro Gen 3, MacBook pro 2017 etc.

Also the tv works fine and without noticeable delay in sound with my cheap bluetooth headphones.

The software both in the tv and both speakers has been updated to be the latest available. Everything has been tested: resetting factory settings and unpairing and reconnecting speakers one at a time and also both at the same time.

All this seems to imply that there is some sort of incompatibility between the tv's software and the JBL FLIP 6's software, and especially on samsung's side as all other devices tested work fine with the speakers.

It would be greatly appreciated if Samsung made an effort to rectify this problem in a next software update to the tv.

Thank you!

Here are some small ideas to try:

See if the same thing happens with another device like phone tabs, etc,

Check tv's bluetooth settings for any unknown random changes in frequency,

Restart the tv, check manual to know how,

Check the speakers for any setting changes or try to find out how to reset them,

Disconnect bluetooth from speaker and tv and reconnect.

I hope this stuff will help these are just basic ideas that I use for static issues in general.