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Attn TV Product Manager & Dev Team

(Topic created on: 23-06-2023 09:26 PM)
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Hi all,

I looked everywhere for a suggestions or feedback link. The 'Email CEO' form does not work and gives 'Page unthenticated call' error which, to be honest, is not great. Errors like this should not happen on a website of a global corporate as it implies the company does not really care once they have your money.

So, I decided to post on here in case someone from Samsung stumbles in here.

But on to my email and suggestion.

Firstly, not only do I have a Samsung Galaxy Phone, I have a Samsung watch and now I have the new 55" S95B OLED TV purchased during the World Cup.

I switched from LG which I had had for years but I wanted the OLED experience and was already invested in Samsung so it was a no-brainer to make the switch.

However, one feature I REALLY MISS on the Samsung that was used all of the time on the LG was the record option using an external USB drive. Don't get me wrong, the Samsung does offer something similar but it has to be manually initiated. Whereas the LG would begin recording the current TV channel without being asked as soon as the TV was switched on. This meant if I struggled to hear what someone had said on TV, I could quickly rewind. On the Samsung, unless I had already initiated the option, I cannot do this.

It has to be possible to update the Firmware to include this as an option.

Unless someone in the community knows how to do this?



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I also have a 4K ext drive from Samsung received in 2014, with 4K movie content I’d love to utilize on my replacement 65” 2022 Neo QLED QN800C. Please upgrade the firmware so I can use it for my replacement! Thank you very much!!!!