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2nd time issue with my <13 month old TV: UA55AU7600KXXL

(Topic created on: 28-04-2024 02:47 PM)
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I've been using the TV mentioned above for less than 13 months (purchased on 03/31/2023). In October 2023, I encountered a display issue. The technician who initially came to address the problem replaced the display, but it seems that they failed to provide proof of the issue to their manager. Consequently, they replaced the old display without any apparent issue, even resorting to inserting a paper in the interface line to recreate the problem. They then captured video evidence of the issue and replaced the new display (although it's unclear if it was genuinely new). When I questioned why the previously replaced display was being swapped again, the technician suggested that it might work for a while but would eventually fail. Reluctantly, I agreed. However, now, as of April 28, 2024, I find myself facing the same issue once more. This raises concerns about the quality of Samsung products. I purchased this brand-new TV on 03/31/2023, and the display was replaced in October (within 7 months). Now, after just 6 more months, I'm experiencing the same display issue again. Is it unreasonable to expect a brand-new Samsung TV to last at least one full year without encountering such problems? While I've had a positive experience with my Samsung AC so far, I'm now regretting my decision to purchase such a seemingly unreliable product.

After reaching out to the support number 1800 571 6688 - One guy picked up and said its mumbai wrong number. Is it not the samsung support number?

I feel cheated by samsung because the display developed issues just 28 days after the warranty expired. Not sure how much it will cost to repair it.

Shouldn't Samsung be capable of delivering a TV that can run for at least a full year without problems?

Such a worst Product, Company, Service.