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UE55KS7000U Image flickering

(Topic created on: 14-06-2022 11:18 PM)

This is a problem I have had now a number of times, the first happened about a year after purchase, although I felt disheartened that I had a defective product I was assured that the repair would solve the issue. After team knowhow completed the repair the problem seemed to be gone, then abit over a year later it had returned.

The issue came and went but now it's guaranteed to happen after about an hour or so of viewing and goes away if I switch off the tv for awhile, (overheating?) 

I really want to endorse this product for having the amazing picture quality for HDR movies, video games and the high nits capability with deep blacks, but the fact that it is prone to seemingly manufacturing issues have really left a bad taste in my mouth. since I didn't think a top end product from a brand such as Samsung would have such an issue. 

Also when I contacted Samsung recently to find out what's going on, they directed me to a third party service for and said they would charge me £100 to look at it. To think that I would have to pay more money even though I spent over £1000 already for the defective TV. 

Scouring AV and Samsung community forums it looks to be a common issue with this model and simlar models, some say its to do with a bad capacitor.

I need to speak with a rep or supervisor regarding this, since I'm on the end of a bad deal.


You will just have to learn the (very expensive) lesson I did.

Never ever buy anything samsung.

Their devices are always full of well known issues they refuse to acknowledge or fix and their support will send you round in circles refusing to accept any responsibility or offer any solution.

Enjoy your broken products. Samsung have your money and don't care about anything else.



It got worse and now Samsung are saying they wont provide the LED panel as it is 'discontinued' they wont even check to see if it is available anywhere to order so I can have my tv repaired. I always was a fan of Samsung and purchased their products strictly, but I feel really betrayed by this endeavour especially since I was in warranty but figuring out the solution for over a month caused my warranty to expire but they don't seem to care about their customers. 😞

now I don't know what to do as Samsung said they will check with their higher ups and call me back but they didnt call me back. Now i have a super amazing tv that doesn't work and i haven't even played 4k gaming on it yet. im so depressed.