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QE55 8K on its 4th Repair!

(Topic created on: 29-08-2022 09:52 PM)
First Poster
I have been passed from pillar to post with the customer service team/ technical support / higher management.

I have a QE55 television purchased end of October 2020 but has had to be repaired 3 times at 6 months 12months and 18months and now less than 3 months since the last repair it has broken for the 4th time.

Everyone in customer services is very apologetic for my issue and time spent calling them yet it seems no one is able to make a decision and help resolve my issue.

I do not believe a ‘world leading’ company would expect their product to require this many repairs and if they were indeed work leading not treat their customers with such disregard when promising calls makes for me not to receive them as they try to pass the book to someone else.
How many repairs will it take before I am offered a refund or replacement??