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Samsung s5e wifi issue on Android 10


Ever since the update to Android 10 on July 1st, every time my tablet screen is switched off the wifi will also switch off on the tablet. I've been through all the settings including the developer options and I can't see anyway to stop this. I've reset my settings too, but to no avail. I've had to download an app on the Play Store to keep the wifi on.

Is this a bug or an intended feature of Android 10? And does anyone have any idea how to fix it, other than with a permanently running background app?

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exactly same behaviour here


I contacted Samsung Support. Within less than 24 hours I got a response: no surprise, it was a computer generated one with this text.


"we appreciate the chance to assist you and we extremely apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing
as we kindly recommend you to try the following :
1. go to settings > general management > reset > reset settings
2. go to settings > general management > reset > reset network settings

if that did not work then kindly try to reset your phone to factory settings but that will delete all of your data so kindly take a back up first "


We all know that this DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!  An then they say this:

"unfortunately if that did not work then your tab needs to be checked by a Samsung technician
to find the nearest service center in your country kindly go to "

No, that I will not do!

My next step is to escalate this.


Thanks for the update. I've been meaning to get in touch with support too, but I had a feeling that's how it would go. Please do keep us posted!


Thank you for the update and suggestion.   I have logged an email with Samsung.



I've had this issue for a month or 2 now. Even deleting and reinstalling the affected apps didn't always work.  Even play store stopped on one occasion. I knew the wifi was good because I could still surf via chrome.

may have just found a cure for this fingers crossed.  In the advanced settings for your WiFi network change to "treat as unmetered"


I do no see any progress on the issue at all. I sent a second email to support, but they apparently ignored it.

I think some have done the factory reset. Do I understand it correctly that the  factory reset will NOT fix the issue? Will a factory reset put the OS Android back to 9.0? If so, then the upgrade offered could be denied.


I googled the following: Android 10 wi-fi problem and I found that not only Samsung products are affected but other tablet and phones as well incl. Google products. This indicates a general issue/problem with Android 10. It is not Samsung alone. Phones are also affected. If that is so, why isn't Google coming up with a fix.


I read all the advices given, and the all end up with that factory reset, and all other advices are basically the same. Mh....


I downloaded such an app, but it does not solve the issue in general. When I start my 5Se in the morning I have to manually connect to my WiFi in Settings in the known way: switch of/switch on, shutting the tablet off during the day, and then string ist again will automatically reconnect to WiFi. Shutting the tablet off for the night, and starting it the next morning will NOT reconnect to WiFi. Even with such an app installed it will NOT reconnect, one has to do it manually.


Grahams3, I tried your suggestion. Nope, it does not work at all. so that is out! See no progress from Samsung at all, as it appears Samsung ignores the issue - and so does Google.

I have had no response from Samsung at all.
I posted a while back here that I had an engineer visit my house. My knowledge of how Android works is very limited but the engineer said he checked all settings, if any apps were causing issues etc etc. He said he felt it was an Android 10 issue especially as Android 9 was OK.

My S5e sometimes connects on boot up but I think its 1 out 10 times.



It would seem Samsung have cured the problem with the latest update I updated my firmware this afternoon 23/09/2020 and everything is fixed.


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