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Galaxy S8 Sim region lock




I am staying in Switzerland. I am planning to buy S8 for my wife. But I came to know that S8 which I buy in Swiss will work only with European sim alone. but my wife will be travelling back to India in a some time so she need to use with indian Sim also. can someone sugges an option to buy S8 in switzerland that can work with any sim irrespective of region or suggest me options to overcoem this problem. 

I did just that. Unlocked a Galaxy A40 from Germany being in Bangkok using 5min talking with roaming German SIM and then the regional lock was gone.

I am having a problem with regoin lock (maybe), i bought my s8 one year back in germany, and i travel back to malaysia twice a year. Everytime i put in a new Malaysia simcard, the phone ask for a 4 digit pin to unlock the phone. I have been staying in germany and have outgoing call for 50 min, and incoming call for 1 hour and 15 min. Why do i require a unlock code to unclok my phone? Tried with new sim card pin, puk and all. The new simcard work completely fine in other phone but my s8.

I did cal for around 5 and half minutes from Indian SIM to Saudi number my model was Samsung a A50 s., regional sim lock was opened after that calling



Thanks for your answer, i'm wondering if i use a SIM from the original region with "Raoming" will it work ?




Thank you for reply,

Yes using the same simcard with roaming will work. But regardless it work or not, the screen broke on the phone and I bought a new phone anyway haha

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Hi I too faced the same problem in my new S10. However after speaking for 5 mins using a local sim to a local number, the lock was removed and I am able to use my India number now.


did you get any reply or solution to your query ? I also have the exact query


Fixed by using it for more than 5 minutes calling from Indian SIM where the mobile originally was bought. 


Hi Nishant

I did not get a reply. However I used an EUR/UK simcard first for 5 minutes and dialled few of my friends numbers. After 5 minutes swapped with my india number and it's working fine. Hope this helps

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