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Z Fold delivery

(Topic created on: 14-10-2021 08:42 AM)
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I ordered the Z Fold a couple of weeks ago and was given a delivery date of 13/10. When the order status hadn't been updated from "processing" I contacted Samsung via their messaging system and was told it was still going to be delivered on 13/10. When I still hadn't heard from Samsung or the courier company stating a delivery slot, I contacted Samsung again and was told it would be delivered by 19:00 on 13/10. After receiving no updates from Samsung or the courier company by 17:00, I contacted Samsung again via the messaging service and was told there was a delay and I would not be receiving the phone for about another 2 weeks.
Come on Samsung this isn't good enough for someone spending over £1000 with your company. I understand that with all that is happening around the world there may be delays but just be open and honest with your loyal customers!
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Think it's further up the supply chain that the information is not getting through. So it's hard to keep you updated unless they know themselves.
I'm sure Samsung are working very hard to fulfil orders, as they obviously want us customers to be happy and use their products and services again.
If its any consolation. The phone is worth the wait, as I'm enjoying using the one I have.
Just keep an eye out for any notifications, as it might ship sooner. Fingers crossed for you