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How Samsung lost a 15 year brand loyalty customer over a TV Promo

(Topic created on: 26-04-2024 09:48 AM)
So to start here I should note, I cancelled my first order after I realised I hadn't used my partners student discount to get the best deal. But prior to that we had already encountered an issue after being told our order would be arriving in a week instead of a couple of days, annoying but not the end of the world.
When placing the new order we noted the addition of a Samsung soundbar namely the Q600, but magically right after checkout the soundbar magically vanished. Upon contacting Samsung we were told it was out of stock (despite it clearly showing in stock of you tried to order one, in my book this was strike 1) strike 2 came about while waiting for a callback about the soundbar the following morning (less than 24 hrs after the original order) I checked to make sure it was still showing in stock and checked the promos on the TV chosen which had now been updated to limit the soundbar to the largest two sizes only but was exactly the same soundbar (conviently in stock now and the same promotion) and the TV ordered had dropped in price £200+, I was gobsmacked and decided if I wasn't getting my soundbar the I was getting the price difference at least given it hadn't even shipped yet. I had to once again contact Samsung, got told the soundbar couldn't be added and they couldn't do anything in terms of price matching their own site, the fact I had to cancel my order here to get the price difference was the 2nd strike. 3rd strike followed very quickly after, I opted to reach out to their ceo and chief of customer relations exec not really looking for anything more just because I was appalled by the service I'd recieved to this point, no response. Placed a new order and no surprise they can't deliver for over a week again. 

Samsung have clearly dropped the ball in recent years when it comes to customer service standards and I strongly suggest if you've had any kind of similar experience don't simply let them off with it, I myself have decided that Samsung have failed to value brand loyalty and as such won't be buying from them for the forseaable, which is ashame given I've recommended them to friends, family and colleagues for years now.