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Screen Lock Issue


Hello All

I was able to unlock my screen this morning with PIN and Fingerprint but then it stopped working telling me that my PIN was incorrect.

The only option was to Factory reset my phone but now when I want to setup a Screen Lock and add a PIN I get the following error:


Screen Lock PIN has already changed. Try again with the new screen lock


I cannot set any Screen Lock so my phone is open and vulnerable, has anybody had this and solved it?

Screen Lock is secured by Knox so is there away to delete a PIN in Knox?




Will I receive the update even if I installed the beta via adb?


Guys, this is why I love Samsung, they listen to their customers and they act FAST !! (Well still mad because I had to factory reset still... But it's ok ;-))

Thank you so much I can now use my phone with emails, office 365, etc...

Have a great day Team Samsung

This is great news, thank you for the quick response, my phone is secure again

I also got the OTA update. It just downloaded and about to install.


Is the issue related office 365 also now resolved ? Earlier on beta the intune app was getting stuck during enrollment 


My phone was restarted and I'm unable to unlock it to install the update. Please tell me there will be a fix for this and I'll not have to factory reset my phone.


I still have the same issue.


Is this update pushed for all countries ? I downgraded to 9 and got an OTA just a while ago which updated the security patch to 1st Oct.


I have set the unlock pwd now and when I try to setup fingerprint it asks me to enter the pad. When I enter it keeps saying try again.


My current version is SJD as shown in the screenshot. Is this different to the patch that was pushed to fix screen unlock issue ?


Screenshot_20191029-172820_Software update.jpg




how to install this update over adb ? because after rasrterting I can not download this patch


This fix is not available for me (downgraded from beta to Android 9)


Hey everyone,


So here's the update regarding the FOTA:


If you can do the FOTA upgrade, you can do so by going Settings > Software update > Download and install.

It should be possible to update from the official versions:


1st Beta version (ZSJF) > Beta Hotfix version (ZSJL)

P OS latest version > Beta Hotfix version (ZSJL)


Unfortunately, if you can't unlock your device to do the FOTA upgrade, it is necessary to visit the nearest Samsung Service center. 
I am really sorry for all the inconvenience this may have casued you.


Hi @Srikanth  & @Balulo 


To perform the FOTA upgrade, you will have to have the official UK version installed on your devices.