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Screen Lock Issue


Hello All

I was able to unlock my screen this morning with PIN and Fingerprint but then it stopped working telling me that my PIN was incorrect.

The only option was to Factory reset my phone but now when I want to setup a Screen Lock and add a PIN I get the following error:


Screen Lock PIN has already changed. Try again with the new screen lock


I cannot set any Screen Lock so my phone is open and vulnerable, has anybody had this and solved it?

Screen Lock is secured by Knox so is there away to delete a PIN in Knox?




To disable the screen lock you have to type first your pin code to confirm...the pin code is not accepted so disabling the lock screen is not possible


Hi everyone,


Just an update regarding the screen lock problem.

I have just received the news, that the development team has found and fixed the problem!:party-popper:

The fix should be shared with you soon! 

Is the fix pushed in the background or we need to do something?



That is actually the reason why this update has not been released yet.

We are trying to find a way for users that do not want to factory data reset their device (nor do they have Find My Mobile set up), but still have their device locked to also have that fix applied.


I will try to update you all, as soon as I receive some more information about that! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Just FYI - The issue persists even after downgrading to Android 9. Not sure if the issue is wider or it impacted only those who were once on One UI 2 beta


Counting on you Team Samsung as I had to do a factory reset because my pin code wasn't recognized anymore for no reason (frustration #1) and now I have this screen lock issue (frustration #2)... I need this because my professional emails cannot be ready without a security level so as we speak, my phone is not usable... 

That's terrible but I am counting on you guys ASAP please. 

Thank you


does it mean that if fix wille beradye there wille be possible to install update from sd card and old code will be working? I'm asking because I do not wanna lose my phone data and I can wait using my s10e until new update be ready.


Morover, I'm trying to remove this PIN by find my mobile (samsung web page) but there is an information that phone is offline. But it is not. because it is still connetced to my WiFi at home. Even changed the sim card cahnge has been observed on that page. I cannot unlock my phone. There are many photos from last days and I completely do not know how to get access to this phone. Is there any Samsung tool conected with "" which can remove PIN by cable?


Hello everyone,


I have just received the news that the patch is ready to be sent.

It will be available for Beta users and also for users that rolled back to Android 9.


For now, it will be available as a regular FOTA update (So please make sure to go to Settings > Software update > Download and install).

We are also working on forcing an update on the device for users that have the screen locked but can't (or don't want to) the factory data reset. 
I will try to update you if I learn anything else! Cheers! :fisted-hand:


View solution in original post


thats great

hope this works - cant tell you how stressed i was i will be locked out - luckly i only need it to use the fingerprint - but i know sometimes even with the fingerprint - it will ask you to put in the pin


What happened tho?

how we end up locked out of the phones with the pin being rejected - like i said - this makes me really worried that such glitches can lock out everyone out of their phones one day 

isnt the PIN code managed locally on the device? how is something over the air - ends up paralysing users remotely ?




fix receive via OTA. under installation. Fix is OK. I can add my pin and add my fingerprint !