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Screen Lock Issue


Hello All

I was able to unlock my screen this morning with PIN and Fingerprint but then it stopped working telling me that my PIN was incorrect.

The only option was to Factory reset my phone but now when I want to setup a Screen Lock and add a PIN I get the following error:


Screen Lock PIN has already changed. Try again with the new screen lock


I cannot set any Screen Lock so my phone is open and vulnerable, has anybody had this and solved it?

Screen Lock is secured by Knox so is there away to delete a PIN in Knox?




@TomaszT what about  Indian users? When can we expect the update?

We can wait for a few more hours but hope it's not days.


@akhilbellam If you are on beta, the hotfix is already released in india just a while ago. But unfortunately i downgraded to Pie. So no update for me yet.


Tomasz  - does it mean that going to Samsung service it will be possible to recover the existed data? or do they erase the device? What about patching over adb?


Hey @bwoj 


Unfortunately, I think it might not be possible to recover the data in this situation.

I also can't suggest using adb or any other unofficial tool 😔


I am trying to keep in touch with the development team in case they have another solution for this.

One tip that they have shared is that you could try to use Find My Mobile to unlock the device. But that would only work if the device has not been restarted.


@TomaszT unfortunatelly the phone has beeen resterted. But my question is: If this pin is still stored on the device but not recognized? or maybe it has been replaced by something by this bug? 

I'm asking about that because if the packacge will be rady even on unoffical way :winking-face: and then I'll update my phone over abd I'm interesting if old pin will be working or there is no chance :smiling-face:


I am interessted too because my Phone restart on beta 2 and then the Problem, pin Not right.. Maybe if we had the bin.. we can updated from sd card from the bootloader☺️and everyrhing is fine.. Pls help us🙏



Hey everyone, 

BIG update!

Our development team is trying to force the update on the devices that are locked!

As long as you are connected to the WiFi the update should start installing!

If that does not work for you, then you will have to visit the Samsung Service Centre.

But I hope it will not be necessary! :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:


@TomaszT OK great news :smiling-face: But this hot fix is forced rigth now? 

And last question: is it possible to do that over ethernet connected by usb-c to the phone? or only WIFI?

I'm asking because now I'm abroad and I do not have an access to the my stored Access Point.




I have not had that issue but received a hot fix today related to issues with the locked screen. I am running beta software.


Installed fine.



@TomaszT I just enrolled again for beta (currently on latest pie SJD). Should this not showup the new beta software (with hotfix) ? In India also the hotfix is released.


for some reason, my software update is not picking up the new beta software though the beta registration is successful.