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Pin code not working on galaxy S8

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Suddenly today my pin isnt being accepted. Keeps saying incorrect pin. Tried changing it in settings but it asks for my pin which is then saying is incorrect! Any advice please? Am too worried about restarting etc etc as if it doesnt work I'm locked out and need phone for work. At moment am able to use fingerprint unlock but every now and again will ask for a pin number! Thanks

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Since the middle of this morning, my PIN code has stopped working (been usign the same PIN code since i got the device 2 years ago) - it worked in the morning and then i keep getting "Incorrect PIN entered"


I have no access to my phone at all, can't even restart the device


Do you have any suggestion as to how to get around this?


Please as our colleage told us, try to restar phone, it is adecuate a reinit often, I usually restar my phone minimal one time at the week.


If do not work let try other message for here my friend :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Thanks RpBP - is there a way to restart you phone witout the PIN code? 


When i try to power off it asks for the PIN code (which no longer works) - I've tried restarting to safe mode but it won't accept that either


I've tried 'Find my Mobile' to unlock that way but it's saying my device isnt registered


I can tell you sure, but the last user was speaking here said that works.


There are method to change PIN as a numbers and symbol codes. Also inside of settings with requesting of the first.


Also you will have PUK to define a PIN or unblock device.


If do not work for a system faulty, you can restore system (hard reset) and if you not reinserted the a new PIN, must be the same though does not work.


I'm a little tired now for advanced or to think in only one thing as now.


You have there some info and for this reason I could be relaxed, as I told you we have the PUK in case of eventualities and that is fixed :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


See you on Monday and sorry for inconvenience, I'm not using my maternal language.


Good night







Did you try to reboot the phone pressing both the power and volume-down buttons for approx 10sec until the one vibrates... or is it also asking for a pin that way


Thanks HaV78 - thats sorted it and allowed me to restart the phone this time - and the restart appears to have removed the PIN code problem




I am having the same problem my phone is saying "incorrect pin" however I have had the same pin for 2 years so I know it is correct but now I am locked out of my handset and don't want to have to factory reset. Help!


Hi...I actually nervously did the same. Restarted it where it asked me for my pin code and luckily it worked. I assume may be a small glitch! Maybe after an update or something! 

Phew...anyway...panic over lol


Only try to restart the phone my friend, the post before is only a sugestion for our colleage to be sure in some options if the system has problem restarting.


Be calm a few issues with pin were fixed only with a restar :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Thanks all for feedback, this theme is under review by Masters.


Good Night all:four-leaf-clover:

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