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Galaxy M20 VoLTE and WiFi Calling Problem

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I got Galaxy M20 that came from India in Turkey. I contacted with Samsung Members agents and customer represantatives about M20's VoLTE and WiFi Calling. Every agents and carrier sites say M20 has VoLTE and WiFi Calling appearance but It doesn't seem on my phone. I inserted my SIM card into another phone, It works (I can use VoLTE). Samsung customer representative and members agents told me I need to go to Samsung Service, They sent me the address. I went there but Service manager says We can not solve the problem, the phone came from abroad so go to your distributer. No one helps me. Please lets make the problem solved together. I can not use these appearences for about 1 year. 

First thing I'd do it check with your carrier as VoLTE and WiFi Calling are carrier related features. I'm guessing the problem is that you've purchased the phone from another country and possibly your carrier doesn't support that specific firmware.
So , let me get this straight :
- you are in Turkey
- you are using a turkish SIM
- your exact model is --- SM-M205F/DS
--- SM-M205FN/DS

My carrier says my phone support these ones but I will be in touch with the carrier (Turk Telekom) again. Thank you so much.


- I'm in Turkey but phone produced in India.
- I'm using Turk Telekom.
- Mine exact model is SM-M205F/DS


**I realised Wifi Calling is showing installed in All Apps in Settings.

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