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GALAXY J600FN/DS Region Lock

(Topic created on: 15-04-2020 10:51 PM)
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Hi Community, 


I bought a GALAXY J6 in Europe (Italy) from the WindTre Company and then shipped it to Ecuador.

Once I got to Ecuador and inserted a local SIMCARD, here is the message I got: 


IMG_20200415_153731.jpg  IMG_20200415_153731.jpg

Can someone please help me with the process I need to follow in order to get the REGION LOCK Code needed to use this smartphone outside of Europe and in my case, to use it in Ecuador? 


Thanks in advance;



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Superuser II
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There are several types of lock @Rodolfo1984 


The one on your screen points towards that the phone is not unlocked to all networks. So it's actually locked to a mobile phone network.


Usually it's the network that supplies the Network Unlocking Code (Nuc).


May I ask if you bought directly from Samsung or not ?


If the Network won't unlock because you've not fulfilled their criteria to be given the Nuc then you could try a reputable online unlocking site at your own discretion.


The other type of lock is the Region Lock.


This is usually removed by a person using the phone in the country of origin with a local sim card inserted and at least 10 minutes of calls made to a local number.


If this isn't possible then contacting the Samsung Support Department where the phone was released they maybe able to remotely remove the Region Lock.


They cannot remove the lock so the phone can accept any network sim card however.


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