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Unable to unlock Lockscreen...Phone frozen???

(Topic created on: 16/04/20 04:41)
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Hi just wondering if you anyone else has experienced this or if anyone can help...Recently I did a software update on my phone and it seemed fine at first but now I have realised that my lock screen freezes for long periods of time...Hours to be exact and then suddenly I can unlock my phone again when it decides to finally work again. When it happens I can not touch nothing on my screen...The fingerprint scanner doesn't work...I can't swipe to type my pin...Everything on the screen is completely frozen...Nothing works when I press it...I can't even take a picture if I double click the side button whilst in the lock screen and I'm wondering why is this happening...At first I thought maybe the phone was faulty but then why would it work after. Both times this happened on my way to work and on the way back it began to work again. Does anyone know the reason? Please help.

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Superuser I
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something sounds to have glitched @MikeMc 


If this was happening with my phone I would back up and then remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset.


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