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A big battery phone.

(Topic created on: 19-09-2023 12:38 PM)
I don't understand, why Samsung is volanturarily giving up its market share to the fourth-league manufacturers. 
It's five reasons, 
why people are buying a no-name phones. 

A huge battery. 

The no-name brands have 7000mAh , 10000mAh, or even up to 15000mAh.
That phones are ugly and bulky, 
but Samsung is able with its technologies make a normal, 7000mAh phone. 
But, it's not going to happen, 
even if today are available faster charging speeds, but Samsung is not interested in the customers, who prefer to have a huge battery. 

A rugged phones 

An outdoor, rugged phones are the second reason, why are certain people buying 
a no-name brands, 
because they have a quite good outdoor rugged phones together with a huge batteries. 

A special functions.

Like a projector, TV, thermo-camera,
Walkie-talkie function, a huge resistance to an extreme conditions. 

A triple SIM phones 
Those phones are widely available on the market by the no-name brands, 
and very popular in a poor, 
developing countries.
But it doesn't mean, 
that those phones are not interesting for the civilised world. 
A lot of people are staying carrying two, even three phones, 
even if a dual SIM phones are the mainstream now.

The price. 

Yes, an "invisible hand of the market"
has an enormous impact on the prices.
But, Samsung is not strong in the middle range category and the midrangers are widely popular across the globe. 
Brands as Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco,
Motorola, Realme, Oppo,...
are the major players in the middle range category. 
So, Samsung should slightly lower the prices, and keep the features as the headphone jack, micro SD card slot.
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A bigger battery is a good addition however I can understand why Samsung would want to be cautious from the Note⁷ issue a few years ago @WinstonSmith 

That said it's not always the size  / capacity of the battery that dictates usage time's.

it's the optimisation of the phone and it's software which Samsung has been getting right in my opinion especially with the recent Samsung Galaxy s²³ series of phones. 

Also the Soc plays an important part too when it comes to optimisation and performance. 

Rugged syle phone's I've seen before and to be honest I feel that's a niche market so may not appeal to the typical user.  

The key on phone's is build quality and the continual improvement of victus glass etc to provide more protection. 

And the use of a good phone case and screen protector. 

Samsung are always showing innovation when it comes to the introduction of new features and the improvement of existing features. 

Any ideas on what could be added as a future feature should be sent to Samsung via their Samsung Members App 👍   The right department then can consider these. 

Price point has been important always and so it really depends on whether a person wants a basic feature phone , a mid-range phone or a flagship to what their disposable income is or what's available on their mobile contract for upgrade etc.

Obviously it also depends on what they need from their phone. 

Prices have been rising across the board from most manufacturers largely due to costs of parts , manufacturing and assembly and costs of bricks and mortar warehouses and offices and employment of staff overheads.

Market supply and demand. 

Can one get a cheaper phone from elsewhere  ? Yes 

Is that alternative phone on par with a Samsung Phone along with the software and security patch updates? Not always. 

As a consumer we have the luxury of choice. 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

I'm not saying that Samsung isn't doing the optimisation quite well, I have Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G and I can't complain,
but there is still the bloatware and not a chance to uninstall absolutely everything what I'm not using without the root.
Samsung has an ongoing problem with its batteries for ages,
not just with Note 7
But more advanced and better functions and features, more powerful processors and more capable cameras,
a faster internet speeds,
more time we're spending with our smartphones.
When I owned a Nokia N70,
HP iPaq 514,
or Samsung Omnia,
many years ago,
I spent significantly less time with them,
because of signsl,
slow internet,
slow phone
(in comparison to today's standards),
a different lifestyle,...
But now,
I'm spending more time with my S23 Ultra 5G,
than with my laptop,
or with my tablet.
And of course,
the market for a rugged phones is significantly smaller, but it's growing
the same way,
as all of us are spending more time with their smartphones.
Not just a construction workers,
warehouse workers,
outdoor adventure people.
But also growing demand in the developing countries,
where the conditions are rough and challenging.
Samsung can make one good midranger as a rugged phone and one low-end phone.
And I also agree with you about the costs and various different factors having impact on the cost of the phone, especially the water and dust resistance and the updates.
But to be honest,
which manufacturer has an excellent software support for its midrange category,
or its low-end?
No one.