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A triple SIM phone.

(Topic created on: 19-09-2023 11:46 AM)
Samsung should seriously consider 
to make a triple SIM phone. 
Those phones are widely available on the market by the fourth-league manufacturers and they are very popular in the poor, developing countries. 
In the majority of the poor countries, manufacturers as Infinix and Tecno have a significant market share and a triple SIM phone should be the reason, 
why some customers will migrate to Samsung and Samsung can take a bigger slice of the market. 
But, it doesn't mean, 
that the triple SIM phones aren't interesting for the civilised world. 
A lot of people are still carrying two, 
even three phones, regardless of the fact,
that a dual SIM phones are 
the mainstream now.
Samsung might even consider 
to make a triple SIM phone 
for its upcoming S Series,
and Z Series. 
Just imagine. 
The only big manufacturer, 
who is making a triple SIM flagship phone.

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I've not owned such a model of phone @WinstonSmith however I do feel a dual sim phone hits the sweet spot for me. 

Obviously a person can use a physical sim and an e sim if so wished. 

The important consideration is the depletion of battery when a phone is using x2 network connections so a phone using x3 network connections would be more usage on the battery and resources. 

Then theres a cost to a person paying for two or three contracts or x3 Pay as You Go contracts. 

Not everyone has that amount of disposable income to give to this. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


You're right.
It will have an impact on battery life and of course,
it is more expensive,
but if someone needs them,
or is just ****** and wants to show to everyone else,
how rich he/she is,
or how important,
because he/she needs twenty different SIM cards active simultaneously,
it's not my business at all.
Maybe it's a combination of a different data and roaming tariffs, maybe that person is a mafia boss,
who needs a plenty of different SIM cards,
maybe it's a famous person,
who is afraid of his/her privacy,...
Because I've spent about thirteen years at the stores with electronics,
I'm not trying to figure out,
why a certain are buying a certain things.
If does make a sense to them, it's OK.
Once I did an installation of a high-end home cinema for someone's toilet.
I'm not judging.
I'm just trying to sell how much I can.