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My phone was under warranty; UbreakIfix did a bad job fixing it; and repair center took it of warranty.

(Topic created on: 16-04-2021 02:37 AM)
Rober Khali
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To Whom it may concern,


I bought a brand new S10+ on December 2019, i had an issue after almost 1 year that the screen blacked out; i went to UBreakIFix (in city of Orange) to do it; however they gave me the devise back with a tiny scratch on the original back that have the serial #, some tiny dents on the frame, and the back was not closed and the seal was coming outside the back!

I called Samsung and explained my issue to them while i am infront of UBreakIFix; they asked me to send pictures of the current condition; i went ahead and sent pictures of the device; they told me to send it free 1 day shipping and we will take care of it since it is under warranty (Ticket #4157664177).

i sent the device; and they told me the device is out of warranty due to physical damage and fixing it in an unauthorized dealer and asking for the repair fees!!!!! i said the above story and asked them to check the notes; they asked for Purchase order, repair order with UbreakIfix and he report as well for the repair; i sent everything and they contacted UbreakIFix and after 3 hours phone call; they said ok we will go ahead and fix it for free; however i got my phone Unrepaired and the little scratch/ dent in the back corner got a little more damaged and the back was not attached to the front of the phone this time and they stick the back to the front with phone tape in order that the back does not fall!

I Called Samsung again and explained my issues above; i asked for the following, 1- put my phone back in warranty since. 2- send a replacement device or fix that phone; the case manager i was speaking to advised not to worry and promised that he will get this issue fixed as a one time free repair curtesy and that never happened before and that's odd (Ticket#4158001938); i went ahead and send my phone for the second time; i got an email that my devise is fixed and shipped back to me; i was satisfied until i received my phone and found that the crack in the back is bigger and all the above issues are still present PLUS they have reset my phone to factory settings and deleted all my data and pictures and videos and alot of paper work that i haven't got a chance to save it in the cloud!!!!

I called samsung repair center so pissed and angry and asked why would you do that if the notes from case management clearly mentioning to fix the phone; they replied we fixed the software issues and that's your free repair and your device is out of warranty already! i talked to case management again and mentioned all the above again! the case manager advised to send the devise one more time and he almost swore that it it get fixed since the free repair was not done properly (Ticket #4158312228)

i sent it for the third time and they asked for repair fee, i called case management they said don't worry they will fix it, i called repair center they said we will not fix it since there's no notes to do so for free, i kept going back and forth and finally i managed to get a conference all between the three of us  (Me, Juan or Jose from case management and Alexa and Audrey from repair center), i made sure that the case management gave the order in the notes as well on the phone for fixing my phone free of charge, Alexa and Audrey from repair center were not so helpful in the beginning but then i made sure that they read the note out loud that i am getting my phone fixed for free due to the above propaganda! i hang up and after 2 days i got a phone call from repair center asking for payment or they will send my device unrepaired again; again i called case managment and repair center and kept doing this over and over wasted over 100 hours talking on the phone with samsung customer service or case management or repair center!

at the momnet i recieved again my phone unrepaired and the damage on the back corned is bigger; the back does not close and the frame have the same damage/tiny dents plus some scratches on the screen protector that comes with the new face that i got it from UbreakIfix.

i am so annoyed and pissed and disappointed of the way i was treated and forced to accept this nonsense! please open my tickets and read and check all the pictures and work orders and pictures of phone when it came to repair center and when it left repair center to see how my device came to me every time worse than the original way i sent it, this device is $1000 item and i am really not sure what to do or who is a higher authority that i can talk to, please advise!

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I understand you've not had a good time with this, and have had to communicate with different departments which can carry it's own issues.

However if a person decides to let an unauthorised engineer open the phone to repair it then Samsung can and will void any remaining manufacturers warranty.

It's always best practice to go to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre so that the work is authorised, guaranteed and original oem parts are used.

It's the original unauthorised engineer in the shop that should be looking after you now in my opinion. Surely they guarantee their work ?

Samsung have muddied the water by an agent probably overstepping their authorisation by suggesting they'll help.

In all honesty they should have stayed within the manufacturing warranty terms and declined support from the Get Go.

Them opening the phone again after the original unauthorised engineer poor attempt which caused damage and breached the seal and housing and frame could have caused further damage while trying to put right the poor repair by the original repair person.

As part of Samsungs repair process they invariably reset the phone and factory reset as many issues are resolved this way. It's upto the owner to perform the necessary back ups before relinquishing the phone for repair. 

And in my opinion a person should take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to prove it's aesthetic condition before sending it off and one of it turned On.

I feel for you as you've followed the advice given but that advice was poor by the Samsung Agent advising they'll take a look at it.

I can't see Samsung replacing a phone that's now had further issues caused by an unauthorised engineer. That's my personal opinion.

Maybe look at any insurance such as Home insurance or a mobile phone insurance policy to see if this covers having the phone replaced.

You could raise a complaint ticket with Samsung Customer Services but the sticking point will be that you decided to use an unauthorised repair shop and Samsung tried to help even though the manufacturers warranty was voided. 

However you decide to proceed @Rober Khali  I wish you all the best with this. 


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@Rober Khali 


in the first place, repair via unauthorised support centre voids the warranty

feel free to message our partner Samsung USA for other options

Click Contact us → Message Us



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Guys Ubreakifix is an authorised Samsung repair centre.
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Frustration is an understatement! What the hell!
Rober Khali
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UbreakIfix is an authorized Samsung repair shop

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Wow.  reading this post makes me want to run away from Samsung for good.  UbreakiFix IS an "AuThOriZeD" service center according to your website.  I have 2 s23 ultras with faulty 10x cameras and I was searching for the warranty process and came across this sick joke.  You guys know that UbreakiFix is a bunch kids who search youtube videos to learn how to do slop job tear downs of your equipment.