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Not a Register: Sharing your stories: Introducing Yourself and Getting to Know Each Other

(Topic created on: 22-09-2020 03:55 PM)
Not a School

Thought I’d kick off an "Introduce Yourself and getting to know each other" type thread for our Not a School Community area. 😎


So, to break some ice, a little about me first:


I’ll admit, although I always found technology fascinating - and loved stuff like science, robots, and space - when I was in education I found proper techy stuff a little… intimidating, impenetrable, and dull, if I'm honest. All that talking in numbers and acronyms I didn’t understand or find interesting: it really didn’t seem to be for me. And I was genuinely scared of the internet and that I might break it by not using it properly. (Maybe I still will lol. 😅)


But as I grew older (and sometimes wiser), I grew more confident in the view that there was more to tech conversations than just how much RAM something had. Like ethics, for example. Ethics in the use of technology; or what our values should be in a newly created shared space with seemingly new rules. Or how technology could change how we live and how we look at the world. And so on. That kind of stuff, well, that's stuff everyone can - and perhaps should - get involved in.


It’s why I think that Not a School -  both the original and the 2020 sequel -  is pretty awesome.


I’d love to know more about the folks who have been taking the courses, or would be interested in taking them – and indeed from those who went to the originals in 2019.


  • What’s your story?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where would you like to go?
  • What course or courses interest you the most in Not a School, and why?

(Oh, and my boss wants to know if you had a superpower, what would it be. She's quite fond of asking that question, along with what people's favourite sandwiches are. I suspect she might be secretly recruiting for some kind of  sandwich-making hero/villain team. 🙄😛)


Discover more and explore

Samsung Maker ★
Not a School
  • What’s your story?
    Basically making the impossible possible 😄 My life is all about pushing boundaries and the expectations into the impossible or the unbelievable. 10 years ago I was legally speaking 100% unfit for work and I could sit at home simply doing nothing while getting a stable income from the government. 

    But alas, doing nothing is not my thing even though I could certainly do that without anyone asking questions :winking-face: So I decided to study, work, study again and build a (small) company and here we are :smiling-face: Fun fact, I work in education and operate an online learning platform for the movie industry. 

  • Where are you from?  
    From a place that exists below sea-level, also knows as the Netherlands :smiling-face: 
  • Where would you like to go?
    Ha! I have a few dreams I wish to build on. Mainly becoming better at coding and cybersecurity :smiling-face: I also wish to grow my company a bit more to give others with high potential that are neglected by society more chances. 
  • What course or courses interest you the most in Not a School, and why?
    Honestly, most issues covered are nothing new to me personally so I will skip them myself :smiling-face: But they are awesome at their own. But the climate change one catches definitely my eye. 

    Fun fact! I already took action and 74 trees are planted in my name to compensate for my behavior so far (Even though my lifestyle is quite carbon neutral in general :smiling-face: Using public transport and cycling instead of a car helps a lot :winking-face: ). 
Samsung Maker | Not a samsung employee
Community Manager
Not a School

Thanks for sharing, @SjorsK.


Whether participating in the courses are something that you might engage with or not, we want to use the Not a School space to inspire us to create safe space to be able to talk about key social issues.


Perhaps you can give us some more insight and knowledge about the tree planting programme you were a part of in one of our climate associated conversation threads, (for now this is about the course, but there will be more and we'd love to learn from your experiences or ideas ) 😊


We'd also love to hear about how you have pushed through those barriers in your life.  This area in the Community is about education and learning and I think that we'd all learn a lot from your journey and make it a part of our own.  


Not a School

Very interesting, @SjorsK@AntS and @SachikoT . It's nice to read a bit more about each one of us and our interests. All courses on Not a School offer valuable information, even if you just want to open your horizons on a particular field.


My turn then 🙂


- What's your story? 

Well, I would say I'm a simple person with a simple life. I came to the UK from an island in Italy (because I got tired of the scorching sun all year, yes 😅), and have a great interest in reading, games, art, films, plants, etc. When I'm not working, I spend my time doing what I like and going for walks and learning new recipes. I also like technology and the world of social media as I think they are a big part of our society and our way of communicating in this century; especially during times like this, when it is not always possible to go out and socialise the "traditional" way.


- Where are you from? 

Sardinia, Italy before and now North-Yorkshire, UK. Sardinia is an amazing island in the Mediterranean with lots to offer from coral beaches to picturesque villages. I guess when you live in a place for too long, eventually, you get a bit bored with it and you are ready to leave and go for an adventure!


-Where would you like to go?

Mhh well, anywhere I haven't been before really. It can be a museum or Thailand, as long as I have the chance of seeing new places, learning something new and getting to know new people.

- What course or courses interest you the most in Not a School, and why?

All courses offered from Not a School have a certain degree of relevance to me but I would say that I am more interested in "Turn Climate Anxiety into Positive Action" and "Respecting our differences online". About the first one, I mentioned a bit more on the relevant thread. In a nutshell, I believe that climate change and how our choices can affect the future of our planet are of great importance to all of us; and also how technology and our willpower can make things different. The second one is a bit more personal; it's about learning how we can share knowledge and accept each other in the online world and how technology can help us achieve this. In particular, I'm interested in understanding a bit more about how online freedom pushes us to share different opinions and how we can accept them and learn something for every side of the topic. 

- Superpower question?

I have so many ideas in mind but I think my favourite superpower would be being able to sleep only one hour per night and feeling ready to start the day again after only that time. I have so many things I would like to do in my life that half a day really is not enough. Boring I know but that's it ‌‌😅