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Not a School – a course like no other

Community Manager




As daily life continues to shapeshift and defy our expectations, many people are rethinking the ways they see, explore and interact with the world around them. The challenges of 2020 and the rate of technological innovation over the past decade have had a major impact on academic and professional landscapes, and how a lot of individuals are preparing for the years ahead. 


What will the future look like? How can we take ownership of our learning and the contributions we make to society? As more and more people turn to their screens for educational enrichment – half of the Brits surveyed in a study released in July by Samsung Electronics said they were using screen time to learn new skills – it seems like there has never been a better time to use technology to drive positive change. 


That's why we couldn't be more excited to see the return of Samsung Not a School, following its successful launch in 2019. For those of you not yet aware, Not a School is a unique, alternative educational experience, exploring issues that really matter, through self-directed learning and online resources. 




This year, the course's themes were designed around four major social issues, collaborating with top-of-their-game experts and our Course Ambassadors – British Rapper, Singer and Songwriter Lady Leshurr, Editor-in-Chief of gal-dem, Liv Little and Filmmaker and Climate Activist, Jack Harries  to offer game-changing advice.


  • Turning Climate Anxiety into Positive Action: How can technology unlock activism in everyone?
  • Solving Inequality in Education: How can technology allow us all to be ‘educators’?
  • Building Human Connection in a Digital World: How can we use technology to end isolation? 
  • Respecting Our Differences Online: How can difference of opinion bring us closer together online?




In partnership with FutureLearn, Not a School 2020 is offering two free online courses. The first is a two-week, full-time programme for people aged 18-25 and the second is a series of four self-led learning courses open to all, providing a range of learning resources and expert sessions relating to the above issues, to enjoy at your own pace. Whilst applications for the two-week immersive course are already closed, you can still sign up for the self-led course on FutureLearn. It’s never been a more important time to educate ourselves and learn from each other.


Don't just take our word for it though. Here's what Not a School Project Assistant and 2019 alumni Tobi had to say:


"Not a school helped me to reclaim my confidence through empowering experiential learning that positively challenged and pushed my creative liberties to greater heights. From mindfulness training to personal financial literacy and networking 101s, the real question is: 'Was there anything that Not A School did not offer me?' I can confidently say: NO!


"I am ecstatic that Not a School will return this year with a virtual flair! This widens [its] accessibility to even more [people], to experience what I did, and engage in innovative solution-oriented workshops that empower us to take positive action."


Learn more about Not a School and register your interest to get involved in the public course. It's totally free!

The Community Team 🤝


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Superuser I
Superuser I

I might have said it before, but I believe that digital education will be 50% of all the education available. Classes will still exist considering "real teachers" have one more (important!) task besides just teaching students, namely inspiring our entrepreneurs/workers of the future :smiling-face: 


In the case of my personal development.... I highly recommend to set "impossible" goals that nobody expects that you reach. I reached the ones I set 10 years ago and more :winking-face: Just having a goal and trying to move towards it slowly but surely will definitely help :smiling-face: 


@SjorsK , And we've now got a brand new Community area for talking about all things Not a School here: Not a School!


From the first part of Sachiko's introduction post on it:


"Welcome to the Not a School discussion board! This is your area to talk about the future of society with a key focus on our roles within it. We’d love to know what you think about education, climate and social responsibilities in the Digital Age."