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Meet the Not a School course ambassadors

(Topic created on: 21-09-2020 01:07 PM)
Helping Hand
Not a School

Not a School creates a space that allows you to connect with peers and experts in their field.  We encourage you to join and drive the conversation by registering for the free course; embracing the questions and dialogue that it creates between us so that we can look towards the future and shape it in a meaningful way.


To help us on this journey, we have connected with some inspiring experts including our Course Ambassadors that we'd like to introduce you to. 


Musician, Rapper and Not a School course ambassador


“Even outside of Covid-19, 2020 has been a catalyst for many important issues that are impossible to ignore. It can be difficult to think of yourself as an activist or having the power to have a positive impact on the world in the current climate, but it really starts with being able to engage with these topics that we feel passionate about. That’s what lights the spark that creates change.


Right now, we’re seeing a generation of young voices that have the drive to create a better future for everyone, and technology can give them the platform to innovate and share ideas on a global level. Not a School gives this incredible opportunity to be empowered, to collaborate and be creative on exactly how we can use technology compassionately to solve the issues we’re facing. – Lady Leshurr


Lady Leshurr rose to fame with her YouTube series Queen’s Speech. Her lyrics blend pop culture references with politically-conscientious rhymes captivating the social media age with millions of views on YouTube. Lady Leshurr’s work has been dubbed the etiquette bible for the social media age. While the UK rap and grime scene continues to grow, Lady Leshurr is fast becoming one of the most successful rappers in the game.


IG: @imladyleshur

Documentary film-maker, climate activist and Not a School course ambassador


“In the past twelve months, we’ve seen young people really step up to take action on the subjects that matter and throw themselves into activism of all kinds, which is encouraging when we think about the level of compassion and commitment we need to solve some of these major challenges.


But we all learn differently, and the conventional education system isn’t always geared up to give everyone the skills they need to become leaders and game-changers. What’s exciting and different about Not a School is that it looks at ways to address the inequalities we face as a society with technology, but through a lens creativity and collaboration.”– Jack Harries


Joining the Not A School course ambassadors is documentary filmmaker and environmental activist, Jack Harries. At 18, he co-founded JacksGap – a YouTube platform that explored forced migration, mental health and environmental issues. He also co-launched Earthrise Studio – a media company and educational platform dedicated to communicating the climate crisis.


Jack has always been connected to the power of film and story-telling. The ability of films and documentaries to transport and connect you directly into someone else’s life, to understand another person’s perspective resonated with him profoundly empowering his own passion for education and the discovery of the important narratives in the world around him. This inspired him to tell stories from across the world that can be shared with a global audience to help others embark on that same journey of learning.


IG: @JackHarries

Author, producer, journalist, and Not a School course ambassador


“Equal opportunities and education for all is something the world has been working towards for years, but 2020 has hammered home the need for this like never before. Young people are now more immersed and connected to the world and its societal challenges than previous generations – and that’s why they are the ones with greatest potential to make a lasting positive change.


Technology can play a key role here – offering access to knowledge, resources and tools needed to solve some of the most pressing issues that we currently face. We may all understand and express compassion differently but should remember that everyone can have an impact – big or small – by inspiring, challenging and teaching each other on the way we can create a better tomorrow through education.” – Liv Little


Not A School Course Ambassador Liv Little is a curator, audio producer, filmmaker and the editor-in-chief of gal-dem – an online and print media publication committed to telling the stories of women and non-binary people of colour. At its heart, harnessing technology and new platforms to address misrepresentation by taking control of the way that you are portrayed, by owning your own voice and story allows you to shape debates that will shift discussions and create new ways of thinking. 


IG: @livslittle