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Suggestions regarding Tags in Samsung Notes

(Topic created on: 08-03-2021 10:03 PM)
First off, I just want to say that I am absolutely loving Samsung Notes!
The palm rejection is excellent, there's a good selection of pens which are nicely adjustable, you can add your own templates... The list goes on and on - I could sing the praises of this app since the major update forever.

I'd love to see the app get even better, and so I thought I'd suggest some features I believe would be amazing additions to the app. This suggestion post in particular is about tags, and I'm sure many others have had some of the same ideas as outlined below!

 - Being able to search for multiple tags at once 
This would really help to narrow down searches even further.
For example: I make a folder for my first and second semesters. 
With the current tags system, I could put all my notes for the second semester within the Second Semester folder (separating the first semester from the second), and then tag each document with the class that I'm in - great!
But then, what if I want to differentiate between classwork, homework, revision and quizzes within each class? I could tag each document with both the Class and classwork/homework/revision/quiz, but I'd only be able to search for either - (1) every note in the class or (2) all classwork/homework/revision/quiz in the semester. 
Of course, one could make even more folders, but sometimes a really complex file tree can get confusing!
Having the freedom to search for multiple tags and only see notes which satisfy all of those tags would be incredibly useful.



 - The ability to add tags from the folder menu
At the moment, in order to add tags, one must open the document, tap the menu in the top right, choose edit/add tags, and then add the tags. This can be quite tedious if you need to add tags in retrospect.
A way to add tags to notes (perhaps through Select (by long press in folder view) -> Add Tags ?) in the folder menu would streamline things really nicely. Something like this would even allow for tagging multiple notes at once!


 - "Handwritten tags"
I only recently learned that tags are addable in notes, just by typing "#Tag" (with "Tag" being whatever you want the tag to be, of course). It's something that seems so simple and intuitive in retrospect, but something that I had never thought about before.
If we could hand-write these tags and have them added to the file in just the same way as typing, I think that would make the notetaking and organisation experience even smoother than it already is!


 - Changing/Deleting tags from the Tags menu
If a tag has been misspelled, then being able to change its name and also change the name of the tag on all notes which have been tagged could be very helpful (for example, changing all instances of #Quizz to #Quiz).
Removing tags entirely could also be very useful! (for example, removing all instances of #Unnecessary)


- Larger suggestion list of "recent" tags
This one's simple - tapping recent tags means nobody has to type them. Less time typing, more time making beautiful notes!


I really hope these ideas are helpful, and am very excited for what the next update might bring. Here's to Samsung Notes!
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Strange that nobody, in particular Samsung, did not answer to this excellent post. I need tags in notes apps, and it's so basic/bad in the Samsung Notes app. Very disappointing, as I understood that this app is the cornerstone of the Samsung tablets with pencil. Do I have to pay monthly for Evernote or Nimbus judt to have propper tags?

Samsung should add as a minimum:

- assign a tag to a note from a list of existing tags

- manage tags: rename, re-assign



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How can we forward these suggestions to Samsung?? I don't think they read every post here

I'm not sure, unfortunately.
This is where they referred me to give feedback, but regrettably it seems to have gone unnoticed.

Hi there, @NetBoy. Thanks very much for your posts about Samsung Notes. I'm glad you've gotten so much put of this brilliant app. I can assure you that your own notes have not gone unnoticed here. 😉

Your excellent suggestions were passed to our Research and Development Team for consideration. We'll update you via this thread whenever we get an update.


Hi @NetBoy ,


The developers have got back to us to say that they liked all of your suggestions generally, and will be looking for more users who would like them before considering implementing. So if more folks out there would like them I'd encourage them to let us know here. 

This would definitely be helpful, also the ability to check untagged notes would show if notes are uncategorized and help in organization.
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@NetBoy @OnlyNotes @AntS @PaulM1  Admittedly did not notice this originally. It has gone a bit quiet on this front but the Developers may well require more interest. I think @NetBoy's ideas on Tags would be very worthwhile even if some users would not utilise them.














I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.