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Samsung Notes Is Taking Up Too Many Gigabytes From My Internal Storage From My Andoid Phone

(Topic created on: 06-09-2022 12:23 PM)


The reason for me contacting this forum, is I have a Samsung Cloud account.


I have a lot of notes from the Samsung Notes app on my smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy A21S) which have not been synched.

In addition to that, I have a lot of old notes from previous Samung phones which haven’t been synched and cannot be opened with the latest app.

The only option Samsung has given me to access them, is if I convert them to current format that the latest app is using.

Reluctantly I did this and it is taking a lot of storage space on the internal memory of my phone.

I have deleted apps and files from my phone to make storage space and it still ends up running out of storage.

My question, is how can I still retain my notes and reduce the excessive gigabytes that Samsung Notes is taking up?

As a result, my phone is not able to receive new updates due to the lack of space on my phone.


Currently, my phone is barely operating because of the amount of storage it is taking up at 12.27 GB, just from the notes alone!


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First Poster

I have 25gb of notes.

Why do I have so many - because I took all my notes in Samsung notes in university, sometimes with audio etc.

I see it as a considerable issue that I have 25gb of notes on my tablet, which I want to upload to the cloud and have accessible across devices.


I just bought the S22 Ultra with 128 and boom 25 gb filled - there should be an option to access these uploaded notes on the phone on request and not have them take 25gb on all your devices by default. This makes NO sense.

Does this option exist? can you have them available on the cloud but not saved on all devices by default?