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Warranty Scam ?

(Topic created on: 30-11-2020 02:03 PM)
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Re:  Open Letter

Ref: Warranty Scam ?


I buy all my large electrical items from John Lewis, in the belief they stock quality brands. As John Lewis products have a longer guarantee than other retailers. So, a couple of years ago when I decided to invest in a washer dryer that was where I went.


On this occasion I bought the most expensive washing machine of my life, a Samsung Eco Bubble at approx £600. It had a massive shiny sticker claiming a 10yr Warranty on the Motor, so I was sold.


However, a few months ago the washing machine stopped draining.  A quick Google search confirmed it was the drain pump, a part costing just £45 retail.  However, cautious of voiding the main Motor Warrantee I decided to call Samsung to get them to carry out the repair.


My first call ended in a disconnect after 30 mins of listening to music on repeat. My second call was an hour long. During which, and despite me stressing numerous times I didn’t believe the pump was covered. I was adamantly assured it was and their contractor Domex would call me to arrange a repair. Great, or so I thought.


 The following week I get a text from Domex, informing me that they have to cancel my appointment and to please call the office to rearrange.  Interesting, considering I never had an appointment. But then I was informed that some companies use this tactic as a way to keep their phone bill down.


Domex then proceeds to inform me, without obtaining any of my details, that Samsung have informed them that my repair is not covered by the warranty and I will have to pay. Admittedly I was expecting to pay all along. However, I was curious as to why Samsung had changed their opinion to such a polar opposite. Domex apparently did not have those details. I was informed I would have to pay £45 for an initial call out to confirm what the problem was and then another £45 plus parts and VAT on the return visit. It seemed a waste of the engineers’ time but I said fine.


Bearing in mind this is what this Domex does on a day-to-day basis I simply asked how much they charged for the drain pump.  They would have to get back to me apparently. Why, if they know my machine and therefore know the part number.

I had previously confirmed it with e-spares in 5 mins. Immediately the BBC’s Rogue Traders program sprang to mind. But I thought let’s go along for the ride.


Needless to say, they never got back to me. Despite two further phone calls from me.  You have to ask yourself what are they hiding.


I did however get a follow up call from Samsung to see how the repair went. The lady I spoke with seemed equally appalled and said she would escalate the repair. But alas nothing has happened since


So, for some time now I’ve had no washing machine, being placed in limbo by Samsung’s warranty and their contractor Domex.  If the machine was cheaper I would have just binned it and gone back to Bosch my old faithful, as the grass clearly isn’t greener with Samsung.


Luckily and even though I live in London, I have fabulous neighbours who have been washing and even ironing my Ambulance uniforms. Flowers and chocolates will be theirs.


In closing Samsung’s warrantee appears to be no more than just a shiny sticker to attract your attention. But unfortunately, as with all shiny stickers there’s absolutely nothing behind them and eventually they fall off. So, if your investing in a big ticket item, whether it’s Samsung or any other brand, ignore the shiny stickers.


To say I’m disappointed in Samsung is an understatement. Their inaction has also brought into question my beliefs in John Lewis, something I never thought I would say. 


So shame on you Samsung and Domex.


Chris Horton

Producer & Volunteer Ambulance Medic



I have sadly learnt the hard way not to trust Samsung. I have had so many issues, failed promises and just simply ignored. TBH I would never trust or buy from Samsung again.
Good luck Chris (Ex military 34 years)
Big Cheese
have you taken out this complaint with John Lewis as they have partnered up with samsung. I am sure they can help you in some way.
Samsung Members Star ★
Your contract was with John Lewis, surely they are the ones to contact? Perhaps their extended warranty is not connected to Samsung
we had a similar issue however after getting through to a tech we paid a flat fee of 110 which includes parts and labour and had a fully working machine.