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InsideView RB38M7998S4/EF,RB38M

(Topic created on: 01/12/20 12:24)
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The Camera or inside view on my Samsung RB38M7998S4/EF,RB38M fridge does't not work anymore.
Since i got the fridge it has been working on and off for a few times, not more than 5 pictures has been updated. After a few Software updates and a lot of hassle it toke one picture and since then it never works anymore..
I've tried with the red button in the top in the "hidden handle" as well as checking for software updates, reinstalling family hub, setting up a new account and so on.. Pretty much anything you would find in the technical support or on the community forum. I have as well tried to chat with the useless Samsung live chat, where the BOT doesn't even give you the option to choose, that it is a fridge you need help with, so no success there either.
What should I do now? 
Is there any quick fix or do I need to call Samsung support and spend hours talking with them and going trough all simple steps again? Which probably wont do any good, in the end, most likely a technician will need to come out and repair it (if that's even possible)

By the way, In the settings, I've seen something about Remote assistance, does it work? How do I get the Samsung support to connect via the remote assistance and verify what's wrong with the device.