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Suggested liquid detergent for auto dispense washing machine.

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 11:16 AM)
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A little over a year ago we brought a brand new Samsung WW90T684DLN/S1 front loading, bubble wash, smart, auto dispensing washing machine..

This week we had to have an engineer around as the auto dispense drawer had issues, intermittent at first but then resolute that the softener would not dispense.

I'm appalled to find this us a common problem!!

Anyway, first use today and its still not dispensing so not sure what will happen next. 

We've been using liquid detergent as per the machines instructions however the engineer said any liquid which has a symbol on the rear of the back saying its suitable for drum dispensing should NOT  be used. Also never to use concentrated formulas, new info to us. 

So, guess what, ALL liquid detergent I've seen has the symbol for drum dispensing so pray tell Samsung, have you invented some super thing secret liquid detergent I should be buying or can I, as per your manual, use ANY liquid detergent/softener of my choosing? 



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What is this "symbol for drum dispensing" thing on the back of detergent then? , thats a new one on me .
I am just here scouring with a pair of glasses on and a magnifying glass (because my eyes are pretty bad) a TESCO BIO Liquid Detergent 'Super Concentrated' liquid detergent bottle and i cannot for the life of me see a symbol about auto dosing or drum dispensing or even any words saying 'suitable for auto dosing machines' unless I have missed it.

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Here is my take on it , and its not an official take , its not something I have seen Samsung mention nor read it on any of their pages, this is just an observation that I wonder might help, and may help prolong the seals of the Auto-Dose system maybe. I could be wrong but it cannot help. And yes I know its a lot of faffing about and a lot of people may not have time in their busy lives to do this, but i wonder if it might help stop the seals getting clogged up over time on this type of samsung auto-dose washing machine .

OK, so first of all , I think these 'concentrated' and 'super concentrated' soap detergent liquid and fabric softener are not doing our samsung Auto-dose washing machines any favours these days. They are thick in viscosity where once time back in the day, soap detergent liquid and fabric softener used to be runny viscosity, like water , and there may be instructions on the back of the bottle to say 'dilute before use' but most do not include that advice ... and if they did would people follow that advice anyway?

OK then, so over time the thick liquid must have to 'gunge' up the autodose pump mechanism and seals and holes with sticky messy 'gloop'  over time.
So , my Idea lot of thought and time messing about but you know when you get that maintenance message every 40 washes on this machine about doing a drum clean? - well how about after doing the drum clean you do a 'Soap Dispenser Clean' - or do a soap dispenser clean before replacing the detergent and fabric softener after its run out. That is , remove the drawer totally from the machine (it can be done , read the instructions that came with your washing machine) you pull the autodose dispenser drawer out by pressing the blue catch at the top of the drawer as you are pulling the drawer out. Then you can open the lid fully that covers the liquid detergent and fabric softener (great design by Samsung to actually be able to do that to give it all a good clean) - so tip out any remaining soap detergent liquid and fabric softener  down the sink and with an old toothbrush and under a running tap clean the whole drawer thoroughly, all the seals and everything (I have heard of people putting the whole soap drawer into the dishwasher on the top rack to clean it thoroughly , but I have never done it - cannot see it would hurt, after time it might rub the word 'Samsung' off the front of the drawer keep putting it in the dishwasher I am not sure? 

anyway , so you have the drawer all clean, before putting it back into the place where the auto-dose drawer goes look inside it (shine a torch up to the back) chances are its all gunged up at the back with old detergent and fabric softener gloop - so get one of these plastic sprayer bottles (the ones you get for spraying your plants) and fill that with some boiling water from your kettle (be careful not to scold yourself wear marigold gloves) then spray the boiling hot water right into the compartment where the soap dispenser drawer goes.. right up the back as well and leave for a while for the hot water to dilute and break down all the old soap and fabric softener gung/gloop and use an old toothbrush again if it helps , dont brush it hard, when that is all clean , dry the dispenser drawer with a tea towel and place the drawer back into its place and then re-fill with fresh detergent liquid and fabric softener (again if the liquid feels really thick , try diluting it with some water to make it runny. 

Try that and see if that stops the inconvenience of getting in touch with customer support and being on hold for ages or waiting for a washing machine engineer to call out to you and fix the auto dose system. as I say if you got into a routine of cleaning it regularly I really do think it may work and keep it all clean and avoid frustration and callouts and keep the pumps working on the auto-dose system .

some people are saying its a bad design of samsung and not fit for purpose and that they have had it repaired or replaced twice (the autodose system) but when you come to think of it what other way could samsung have designed it to be honest? 
If its the case that the liquid these days for the detergent and softener is thick and needs watering down , thats hardly samsung's fault . - If the end user does not do required maintenance from time to time keeping the machine clean then that is not Samsung's fault either to be honest. - if they have used unsuitable rubber washers or the pump gets clogged even after customers cleaning and maintaining the autodose system  then that is different , then yes they should make adjustment to the washer/design I suppose.
But its worth a try I think just to get into a routine throughout the year from time to time giving the dispenser drawer and the compartment it slides into a good clean from time to time and watering down thick concentrated detergent and fabric softener and seeing if that helps.
Let me know how you get on and if it works - good luck. 

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To add to what your saying about the completely logical cleaning the drawer. A washing bowl or sink filled with hand hot water & spirit (white) vinegar & maybe a bit of lemon juice for a better smell would ungunk the solution within the drawer without needing alot of scrubbing. You could even put a dilute mix into the dispensers & run a quick wash to flush it all through. Would also help with shifting limescale within the water areas. As long as your not daft & making a battery acid type solution it should not do any damage.

I've just purchased the autodose addwash series 6. So I'm just reading up on recommend liquids. The washer I'm replacing is a hotpoint aqualtis 9kg bought in 2009. It's been used virtually every day sometimes twice a day fully loaded for all those years & probably would of stopped working years ago if I didn't periodically fully remove the drawer & clean all water intake area, as washing powders/softners create black mould. Which clogs stuff up. 

I have watched a video where the guy is saying there's a space at the bk of the drawer to manually dose powder should you chose that method & you can turn the auto dose off via the advanced settings. So wondering if the OP has had that happen to them without realising?