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Washer dispenser detergent light blinking when full too

(Topic created on: 03-02-2024 11:07 PM)

Lately, my washer is showing the detergent light dispensing at times when loading it. I keep it topped off every hand full of loads and even if I top it off and then restart it will blink or after it, the next load it will blink. Then it will be fine after for a bit and a few days later again. 

Is there a sensor for the level or detergent, or does it just assume it's been 12 loads or whatever and just flash twice every xx loads? 

I take the tray out and clean it every few months.  Making sure I take all the fittings off, flushing all the siphon tubes and fittings and clean and inspect and lube the o-rings. I did notice on the detergent cover, there is a crack on the side of it. Would that matter? Does it pull a vacuum to suck out detergent and needs it to be sealed (meaning crack causing am issue?  IT would be nice if I could post a pic to show it. 

Also clean cycle is run every time it's needed and even sometimes sooner after doing a big load of dog blankets of something and wanting to make sure all dog hair and dirt is washed out and the machine is sparkling clean. I run about 2 cups of vinegar in the bottom when I run a clean cycle.

Model number: WA55A7700AV (matching dryer as well purchased about 1.5 years ago) 

Thank you for any help. Otherwise I'll just leave it be since it's not running bad or anything. Truly the best washing machine I've ever had. I will never get a front loader!! 


Hello - do you know you posted this on the eu Samsung forum - I think with that washing machine model number it appears to be a top loading washing machine and you are in the US? - maybe you will get more help associated with your model by going on the US samsung community. 
Good luck. 


Yes I am in the US.  Not sure how this ended up in the UK forums.  I just posted on the Samsung Member app and clicked on appliance... there is no way to select US vs UK that I can find.  Sorry about that!  I'll have to figure out how to change that.  My profile is set to my location (Phoenix) and not sure where else.  I'll try to login via website from computer and skip the Members app.  


Thank you again, I'll play around and see if I can either move or copy/paste it into US side, when I figure out how to get there.