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Eco bubble stops after 2-3 mins in all cycles.

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 01:39 PM)
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I’m going out of my head here. I’ve had the Samsung Eccobubble about 3 years and fir the last few months it’s been stopping after just 2 mins into the cycle. 
doing just one load of washing takes me about 45 mins just to get the machine to start. It’s the first Samsung I’ve had and I’ll never buy one again. I see from posts that this has been happening to lots of people a lot of the time and still Samsung dint appear to be doing anything about it. I’ve got 4 cases of washing from our holiday to get through and so far I’ve only just somehow managed to get the machine to do anything, although I’ve no idea how I did and it’s making a weird gurgling sound. My last washing machine lasted 17 years. This hasn’t lasted even 3. Totally disgusted. I just need to know how to fix it and whether it’s going to be a costly fix. If it is I’ll just Chuck this useless machine away and get a decent one. I’m so angry.