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Samsung Heat Pump Dryer

(Topic created on: 24-11-2021 01:13 AM)

Heat Pump Dryer #DV90M5003X #fault ref 2118130080 - 30th October 2021 

We purchased a Samsung washer, heat pump dryer & larder freezer in #June 2020 (during lockdown) your key sales accountant great, a fantastic promotion at John Lewis & purchase from Curry's PC World Norwich, we trusted them and believed all to be very good, we only purchased #SAMSUNG as you promised to maintain parts and labour for 5years and yet we now release these promises are actually flawed.

#Aftersales - BAD BAD so BAD 😥 by May 2021 HeatPump Dryer struggling to operate efficiently, noticed the intermittent grating sound, getting louder, inside far-right at the rear of the appliance, very noisy got Samsung UK support involved.

U S E L E S S 😩- totally - U S E L E S S 🙄 advice followed all troubleshooting instructions online, by phone 📱, recorded pictures 🎥 and videos, emailed receipts, sent S/No's - Model no. STILL, NO FIX  so complained eventually and new Ex-Electrolux Samsung engineer Lee arrives, I was the first job. Great... knew exactly how to fix it and what he was doing, replaced the fan, and identified the rear surround casing had slipped and spun off the spindle ("bad design") it had even melted the thread.

Once replaced, it was ...... absolutely fine until ..... AGAIN recently on 30th October 2021 less than 6 months later, it slipped again and its noisy grating, poss. grinding off its surround again is evident.  In fact, B A D  MA N U F A C T U R I N G item is unusable and now won't work without a specialist SAMSUNG engineer appointed with spares to fix it, their 2-5 yr guaranteed parts and labor warranty is very questionable especially on heat pump dryers - as they are not available to register online as the product warranty info is not accessible on their service support site. 

So, I am still without a working dryer for 24 days and still no advice on how and when it's gonna be fixed. 

NO Samsung support, no care, fobbed off and delayed in getting any assistance,  all email responses say DO NOT reply emails saying they have my ref claim - yet technical dept have not uploaded videos to prove fault and need you to send copy of purchase receipt - 'blah 😩blah 🤔blah'  actually Shieryl, maybe the only online customer support person at Samsung.

Tried a different approach for the support online (difficult!) yet.....Yippee Sontec has just called, will be here in 8days (very grateful & good service) we'll see how it's fixed I'm recording everything now for evidence and the disgusting follow-up service #SAMSUNG - you are fired!

Get your act together! 

Brian G
First Poster

I have exactly the same machine i purchased with with washing machine and an American type fridge freezer I registered them in may 2019 with the extended 5 year free warranty .

Unfortunately I lost my email address shortly after so i have no emails to back me up Samsung say they cannot find the warranty ???

The dryer has basically seized up and the drum will not turn even by hand also i had trouble with ice maker on my fridge and Samsung said the same thing about the warranty  so no Joy with that either ? 

I will never purchase a Samsung product again .  


To add to my previous post….. I repeat I will never purchase Samsung again, nor will I be lied to or fobbed off as I have been by their foolishness in support failures. 

To update….Sontec came Monday 20th Dec to fix my heat pump failed since 30 Oct that’s far to long without a dryer and running a holiday let! Total madness - second time it’s been repaired in less than 2yrs the engineering is flawed that which is plastic needs to be metal and reinforced, it’s now had its second fan and support housing, following it slipping of its spindle shattering the fins into the base. Totally ruined the fan, and drive. Pleased to say it’s much better in the last 24hrs, I can use it gently, perhaps until the next time. I’m appalled by Samsung support - Sontec very good, yet too busy to meet the needs of a manufacturing flaw. 

hope you’re complaining to their CEO as I am. 

Hope you’re winning 🏆 


Three babies
First Poster

I bought DV7CM50201W it just pass two years then I have heat leaking problem. The cost to fix it is 475€, this is insane for the reliability we get from this company. But they could provide machine with better reliability.

I won’t buy their products anymore.



Wasiq abbas
First Poster

Struggling with Samsung support as well. Heat pump dryer .. broke of the 2nd time within 16 months of purchase. First time was a major change of entire circulation system within 3 weeks ..  pcb and temperature sensor are faulty. This is a junk dryer which has caused a lot of inconvenience. Will never buy samsung again.