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DV8800 Tumble Dryer door hinge fault

(Topic created on: 24-11-2021 10:15 AM)
I sadly have a kitchen full of Samsung appliances and have two issues that I am struggling to get addressed (and ominous noises coming from the drain pump on the washing machine!).  I have been told that Samsung have become "very strict" on any sort of warranty repair and the poor service is as a result.  This is a real shame as Samsung has been my "go to" brand for a long time because of the amazing service I received in the past.  😞
This post is about a manufacturing fault with the DV8800 tumble dryer where they fitted a door hinge that does not seal the door against the machine body resulting in hot air and dust/lint leaking from the machine.  (see pictures below)
Many calls to their call centre in the Philippines have had various unsatisfactory suggestions including advising me to clean out the lint filter!
Does anyone have any better ideas for getting support?  I have a "reference number" for the issue and have been told to email "" but all I get are time wasting responses like "Why didn't you flag this problem within 28 days of purchasing the machine?"  (irrelevant) and "Please contact the UK service agent with service order number 4xxxxxxxxx" (that was the service order number for the faulty microwave I also have!).
Here is another post on this known issue - why haven't flagged this as a known issue?
Any help in getting this sorted would be greatly appreciated!  (Surely this amount of dust/lint in the atmosphere is a health hazard?)

I have the exact same issue and have raised it with Samsung today but need to call them back to provide more info. They should be recalling these as the dust could be a danger to our health.


I'm in France and have the same problem with lint everywhere. it is the door hinge that is too thick. The door does not seal against the machine.




Because the heat and lint passes between the door and machine, the electricity A++ does not operate. This means wasted electricity and more expensive to run. Plus, having to vacuum the room with all the lint is time consuming. Samsung are refusing to acknowledge this problem. I'm in France and the support operator passed me to a Samsung phone support guy who sent me the address of where to change the phone!

So the A++ attached to the machine is a lie. Our house is completely Samsung, but we will not buy any Samsung equipment. I can't even buy the door hinge anywgere, but Samsung must have them. Anyone know where I can buy a hinge so i can fit it myself?