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Tumble dryer generates a huge amount of dust/lint all over the front and top of the machine

(Topic created on: 15-01-2021 02:57 PM)

Hello all


I recently purchased a Samsung DV8800 tumble dryer (DV90N8288AX).


A huge amount of lint/dust is escaping from the machine during a cycle.


Here is the top of the machine after one cotton cycle:




I spoke to a Samsung representative who was not helpful; they suggested I use less fabric conditioner. 


However my previous Indesit tumble dryer - also a condenser - generated zero dust outside the machine during use, and I used the same detergent and conditioner with it, so this is definitely a quirk of this machine.


Is this normal or is the machine faulty somehow?




Not two minutes after posting this thread, I discovered another thread with reports of an identical problem with this model:


As I said in that thread, I am SO annoyed with Samsung. 


This machine was SUPER expensive and is meant to be the premium/top model of dryer. How on earth has this fault been allowed to go unchecked? Why hasn't there been a complete recall? And why did the support agent not know about this fault as soon as I mentioned it?!


I'll attempt to contact Samsung support and see if they can arrange an engineer visit to fix this problem, but because of the COVID-19 lockdowns I am not hopeful. I'll also need to submit a complaint regarding Samsung's woeful customer service knowledge, and the lack of a recall for this machine.


I cannot believe that Samsung is a multi-billion-pound company, yet customers like me are having to turn to a customer-run community support forum for help. It's ridiculous!

Helping Hand
I switched from this model to a LG washer/dryer 10KG/5KG

Not sure why I didn't update this topic at the time, but after some back-and-forth with Samsung's tech support, they arranged for a local engineer to visit.

The engineer was not aware of the door hinge fault, and so tried his best to resolve the issue by fitting a new door seal, then re-visiting after ordering another new door seal, then finally ordering a new door hinge and fitting that, which resolved the issue.

It's not the engineers' fault; they are largely unaware of the issue.

My advice to anyone facing this issue is to politely inform the engineer about the known design flaw with these hinges and advise that fitting a new door seal will not resolve the issue. Remain friendly and let them try if they want to - just be firm and insistent if that doesn't work.

I also encourage everyone affected by this to submit complaints to Samsung and ask for a recall. You should also write to consumer organisations such as or similar. With enough comments, this issue will be noticed.


Since I still see people struggling with Samsung support to get this issue fixed, you need to demand an engineer visit under warranty.

To illustrate the problem to the engineer, I attached small strips of tissue paper around the edge of the door. When the dryer was turned on, the tissue paper would visibly blow in the air leaking from the dryer door. This way illustrated very clearly that air was escaping from around the door.

You then must emphasise that this is a known issue with the door hinges.