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MC28 Microwave Start button issues!

(Topic created on: 07-06-2024 08:19 PM)
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Hi all. 

This problem is way too much of a coincidence not be known about by Samsung, so I'm hoping someone maybe able to help!

Purchased a brand new MC28M6055CK combination microwave oven back in early 2021. 

By September 2022 the start button had stopped working so it was unusable.

It happened in a very specific way : Firstly for a few months the start/stop (quick 3o sec) would intermittently work. 

After that the button would only work once the time was set first - weirdly. So the button was clearly working and was more of an issue with the control electronics. 

I therefore changed the main PCB ( DE92-02726H) for a new replacement. Unfortunately this did not work, so ended up buying a complete new microwave exactly the same in Feb 2023.  

You know what happens next - The EXACT SAME has started happening again - Only a year and 3 months old!!

For this to happen to 2 units that I've owned must be one in a million - leading me to believe that this is no way an isolated issue and Samsung must be aware of it!

Any ideas anyone?! I'm happy to strip it apart and replace parts as required but I loath to waste more money not knowing exactly what is causing the issue. 

Thanks, Ryan.

First Poster

Hi Ryan. It is obvious now this fault is an inherent design flaw. It seems the PCB keeps going, and possibly other parts, I suggest maybe the design of the microwave may direct moisture to the electronics. I have exactly the same issues, as have many others on the linked post with almost 22k views as of now. People have repaired the PCB and the same thing happens again after a while. I'd suggest you contact Samsung and assert your rights - this microwave should have been pulled from sale. I found it brilliant when it works - but in my case faults started within months. I am refusing a repair as they wouldn't guarantee the work or offer another spare PCB (it wasn't offered, but now I've worked out the issue, if a direct replacement for the unit would refuse that too) and taking the issue further than Samsung. Hope you get it sorted, and unfortunately it's not a million to one, more like four to one. I found if you turn off the eco button (so no clock) it sometimes works and if you set the duration to under 9 minutes it sometimes works, also turning off for a few hours and leaving the door open.  Though I had it work for a few weeks although could not select some of the functions, but it eventually stopped again. What's really annoying is that I've prepared meals thinking it's sort of working for it then not to work for a few days, and left with a meal I cannot cook. I read the average combi oven microwave lasts over 8 years, this for me was under a year.