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How to reverse the door of your Samsung refrigerator

(Topic created on: 12-06-2020 04:54 PM)
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You've finally installed your fridge, and you're using extensively, stocking up on food to unleash the creative cook in you, but at some point you realise that actually you could have installed it somewhere else. 


That is not a problem, of course, you gather some help and you move your fridge into its new, perfect postion; at this point you realise that to use it properly, you should be able to open it in the opposite direction as before.


Well rest assured in a couple of easy steps you will be able to turn the situation around, and reinstall the door in the most comfortable way for you to use.


The tools you will need are:

  • A flat heat driver
  • A Phillips head driver
  • 11mm wrench
  • 8mm socket wrench
  • 5mm allen wrench

+ A hinge cover, and a cap space door


Let's see the process in detail!


  1. Remove the power and check the inside. Make sure the fridge is disconnected from the electrical socket, and that is completely empty before you start working on it
  2. Using the flat head driver, remove the cover hinge to push a hook
  3. Remove the cover wire and cap door L
  4. Disconnect the cables that go from the fridge body to the door
  5. Remove two phillips screws from the upper hinge (be careful not to damage the wire during operation)
  6. Have someone to support the door for you, as it can be heavy!
  7. Remove the fridge door from the middle hinge as well
  8. Disassemble the middle hinge using the allen wrench and the phillips driver
  9. Remove the freezer door from the bottom hinge
  10. Switch the position of the cap on the doors
  11. Switch side of the bottom hinge inside the door and put the screws back in
  12. Lay the fridge down on its back
  13. Remove the feet and the bottom hinge attached to the refrigerator
  14. Switch the position of cap screw between the fridge and the freezer
  15. Reinstall the middle hinge on the opposite side of the fridge
  16. Install the freezer door in the middle hinge
  17. Reinstall the bottom hinge on the opposite side, securing the freezer door, being careful of switching the screws properly
  18. Reinstall the feet
  19. Switch the door wire direction to the opposite side
  20. Put the fridge back in vertical position
  21. Assemble the cap space door
  22. Change the positon of the fridge and freezer door gasket
  23. Insert the cover wire door
  24. Put the door back in place, and insert the top hinge
  25. Have someone to support the door for you, as it can be heavy!
  26. Connect the cables back together
  27. Assemble the cap control
  28. Do not plug in the refrigerator as soon as finished, but wait for at leas an hour!

It might look challenging, but following the steps carefully, and taking a look at the video below, will help you sort this matter out in no time.


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Really useful, @Cosimo_dsc! Thanks for the info!

John Fox
First Poster
Home Appliances

Do you need any additional parts to reverse the door?