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Fridge filter farce


I spent £1200 on a large American style fridge freezer, that has a filtered ice and water dispenser. 


The fridge is now 6 months old so I have been prompted to change the filter. 


I ordered the filter but it doesnt fit. 


After sending back two more that didn't fit. I have been informed that Samsung have discountiued the filter that I need, and I will need to buy an adaptor kit at a cost of £45, a new filter at a cost of £40, and get an engineer around to fit it at an additional cost. 


I have been a fan of Samsung for a number of years, but this takes the biscuit! 


Why are you passing on these costs to your customers? 


Its an absolute disgrace! 


Do your online research on this - It's a big problem for Samsung.
The DA29-00003G has been produced with TWO different keyways/lugs (!)
I have a RSH7ZNBP and informed by offical spares ( / that mine is a HAFIN2, but it seems that it should be a HAFIN1.
HAFIN2 now has three lugs rather than two can you believe!
I used a sharp Stanley knife and replicated the old 2 lug from the 3 lug and it now fits fine.

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