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Detergent to use with Samsung Series 5

(Topic created on: 20-03-2024 03:32 PM)
Aris T

Hello everyone,

I have a possibly stupid question:

I recently bought the Series 5 WW11BGA046AEEU ecobubble™ and SpaceMax™ Washing Machine, 11kg 1400rpm.

This is a front loading (and I think no auto dose) washing machine.

The specs mention that I should use a High Efficiency (HE) detergent. I had a quick look at my local supermarkets (I am in Ireland), none of the available products of any brand have the HE logo or make a reference to HE compatibility.

I talked to Samsung customer care. They confirmed the HE need but couldn't recommend any particular brands.

I contacted Unilever/Persil. They said that they don't produce specific HE detergents - but based on the need for low-sud, they recommended use powder instead of liquid.

I have also contacted P&G/Ariel and wait for their feedback - they claim that all their detergents are OK for use in HE front loading machines, but trying to double check.

Would anyone have a recommendation/suggestion on this? Just try to ensure that I won't break the washing machine 🙂

Thank you in advance for any feedback.


Don't use capsules , I think any liquid which is rated at 30 degrees is rated as HE .
This is what we use in our ecobubble machine and have had no problems in nearly 5 years of use ( use the drum clean when advised ) .
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Use whatever detergent you wish, maybe try several, decide which works best for you.

liquid and gel capsules tend to sometimes clog up the drain pump and hoses and outer drum tub if you use them over time and especially at low temperatures, cleaning the tub with the maintenance wash should help this stop happening - other than that you could use powders instead and the ecobubble feature of the washing machine should dissolve the powder good because it mixes/dissolves the powder with combination of water and air so it will start working on stains on the washing quicker than if the washing machine didnt have the ecobubble feature. 
I think powders contain special bleaches that liquid detergents do not contain as well , but  am not 100% sure on that you need to look at the 'chemicals' on the back of the packaging/container 

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Hi Aris,

I am just in the process of dealing with the same issues around what detergent to use in my new ecobubble machine and I wondered whether you heard anything further from PG/Ariel. 

Kind regards from Scotland,


Aris T

Thank you all very much for the advice  greatly appreciated. 

Aris T

Good evening Jane,

Hope you keep well 

The Ariel Consumer Care team advised (and I quote):

All Ariel detergents are suitable for all automatic (including High Efficiency-HE) washing machines, unless of course the manufacturer of the washing machine advises otherwise. 

On that and the advice of the posters here I have gone with an Ariel liquid detergent. I'm not home at the moment to tell you the exact product, but it is the one that works for cold temperatures.

Please note that I mostly use the standard program (washing in 40 degrees) and don't have heavy use - 1 washing per week at most. I also plan to use the clean drum cycle, as advised here by our fellow posters.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you need any other information. 

Best regards from Ireland.