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Appalling service

(Topic created on: 13-10-2021 05:13 PM)
I  have just got to the end of my tether. Let me begin.  A year ago I had a new kitchen installed with Samsung cooker hood, hob and dishwasher. About a month ago the dishwasher suddenly would not shut and it appeared a bit of the plastic door lock had broken and gone inside the door lock mechanism. I must stress nothing in terms of misuse happened despite Samsung insisting it was misuse! Having phoned at least 12 times to the support each time having to repeat everything,  each time being told its all our fault, then being told if it's a fault they will pay, then its not covered. Then being cut off several times, constantly being told they can't hear me, being promised several calls back but they never happen.  Only to be given a repair centre to call finally and they would have my details but guess what they didn't and they don't even cover my area! So today I was told to call back and they would call a new repair centre. Guess what they said I had to call them and pay anyway. Truely Truely Truely appalling service.