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(Topic created on: 21-04-2024 06:39 AM)
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Bought a new flip5. After 3 months the screen went so sent to Samsung to repair under warranty. The phone was in perfect condition, not even a scratch. Recieved a email back saying not under warranty due to impact damage.. I know I have never dropped the phone so they sent me photos. The photos show a snapped hinge and scratch bezel which clearly was done by them. They didn't realise I took a photo before I gave to their courier and the phone is in perfect condition. After speaking with Samsung a guy called Hammed agreed my phone was in perfect condition when sent but claimed they recievd smashed up so I'm not covered even though I used their own courier service.. I believe Samsung damaged the phoned themselves to avoid giving warranty as their reviews suggest 97% 1 stars all saying the same thing.. Samsung and there people are all scammers and I hope karma gets all of them.
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Hello @petesoon 

First I appreciate it's inconvenient when a phone does fail as we all mostly use these to help run our life's nowadays, but I'm not convinced Samsung engineers would've intentionally damage a phone to be able to decline support.

They'll get a fair amount of phone's sent to them for various reasons. 

It is possible the damage was created via being in-transit by the courier. 

I would have thought that the courier service would have some form of insurance to cover such instances. 

As you took photo's which I'm assuming are time and date stamped ,then if this was my situation I would be asking Samsung about in-transit cover , due to the fact that Samsung have agreed the damage was not present prior to the phone leaving your possession. 

Samsung in my opinion have a Duty of Care to put this right.

You could also send a private message via your Private messages section to Sam_UK which is to the team here for some support and advice. 

Take a look at > Consumer-Rights-Act-2015. if your UK based. If your not UK based then look for something similar I'm your own region. 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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