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Switch from iOS to Galaxy Z Fold3

(Topic created on: 20-08-2021 10:27 AM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip




If you're switching to our Galaxy Z Fold3 from an iOS device, it couldn't be simpler to unfold your world and enter a new Galaxy with all of your essential data with Samsung Smart Switch. 


Follow these simple steps if you're switching from iOS phones (if you're an Android user, check out this article: )


Before you start, make sure both phones are fully charged, and set aside a little time to do the transfer. Wireless transfer is available and recommended.


  1. Back up your photos, videos, files and everything else to your iCloud account
  2. Open the Smart Switch app on your new phone
  3. Tap ‘Receive data
  4. On ‘Select a source’ menu tap ‘iPhone
  5. Choose ‘Get data from iCloud
  6. Sign-in to your iCloud and untick any stuff you don’t want to bring over
  7. Tap ‘Transfer
  8. Put the kettle on whilst your stuff transfers to your new Z Fold3.


(No.8's not an essential step - I just like a nice cuppa. But other activities can be just as effective at passing the time whilst your stuff's being transferred to your new Z Fold3.)


Once it's done, you can then enjoy the best of your old phone on your new one!