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Switch from an Android device to Galaxy Z Fold3

(Topic created on: 20-08-2021 10:25 AM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip



Switching from your old phone to your new Galaxy Z Fold3 couldn't be more simple! 


For folks switching from other Android devices, follow these simple 6 steps to transfer your data, apps and settings.


Before you start, make sure both devices are fully charged, and set aside a little time to do the transfer. Wireless transfer is available and recommended.


  1. Open the Smart Switch app on your new phone
  2. Tap ‘Receive data
  3. On ‘Select a source’ menu tap ‘Galaxy/Android
  4. Untick any stuff you don’t want to bring over
  5. Tap ‘Transfer
  6. Put the kettle on whilst your stuff transfers to your new Z Fold3.


(No.6's not an essential step - I just like a nice cuppa. But other activities can be just as effective at passing the time whilst your stuff's being transferred to your new Z Fold3.)


Once it's done, you can then enjoy the best of your old phone on your new one!


If you're switching from iOS, check out our quick guide on that here: