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Samsung z fold 5 cracked fold screen

(Topic created on: 10-04-2024 05:32 AM)
Hai nguyen
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I had samsung looked at my device to only have them tell me that it was wear and tear and it's not covered under warranty 

They came back with it being my fault which I very angry about as I only had it for less then 3 months and it broke all of a sudden as I was opening the fold to show my friend something when I felt it crack as I opened it.

They say it was wear and tear which I believe is B.S  and wanted to charge me $955 

So I told them to send the phone back.

Yet on the file report it has the phone status as device has been repaired.



Which is not true yet again 

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Hey there

Firstly, please remove your IMEI and Serial Number (or at least redact it) for your own security.

In terms of the repair, I note you are not in the UK (this forum is UK / EU) so not sure which part of the world you are from but you may wish to reach out to your local Samsung Community.
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The note on the repair file is probably an internal error @Hai nguyen 

You can ask Samsung for a second opinion and if they stand behind their decision your next steps could be something similar to Home Contents Insurance which we have here in the UK or pay the requested fee asked for by Samsung. 

I wish you all the best.

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