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Defective Galaxy Fold

(Topic created on: 07-09-2023 03:57 PM)
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Needs to recall or warranty adjustments on Galaxy Folds. Purchased Fold 3 & within 1 month Crack along crease and dead pixels. Samsung fixed screen free of charge at local repair shop. Exactly 11 months after the repair same EXACT issue occurred and advised by Samsung outside of 1yr warranty  period. No choice so paid $200 to use warranty insurance purchased through Best Buy. Received replacement and this time 6 months passed same EXACT issue with Fold Crack & dead pixels. Are there any options to have this resolved. If I pay another $200 will still be stuck with this defective model. This a $2k phone so throwing it out and replacing with a different brand or model shouldn't be forced when it's the manufacturer's fault . Zero damage to phone & clearly already several complaints and lawsuits going on???

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You'd be best off asking on the U.S. Community
Consumer rights and laws are different here in Europe
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@Litebrite74  As mentioned better raising this in the US community.  However the standard warranty is 1 year both for Device and Battery in the United States. 

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