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Not eligible for upgrade

(Topic created on: 09-08-2019 10:06 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Is anyone else getting this issue ?


I'm trying to login to the upgrade lounge but I get the error , account not eligible for upgrade. 


I have the S9+ which I purchased end of June 2018 and enrolled into the upgrade program. 


I called Samsung support and was told I missed my window to upgrade? After some back and fourth, I was told I have till September to upgrade and they will reset my upgrade program so I can log in. Upto now, this hasn't been done. 


What Samsung also fails to mention when enrolling into the program as iterated from on the phone is 

1: you can only upgrade after 1 year, but you have a small window to upgrade soon after, if you miss it, you cannot upgrade 

2:you can only upgrade in sequence

3:you can only upgrade series to series , i.e. S9 to S10 but not S9 to Note 10


I'm in a situation where I want to upgrade to Note 10, but I can't.  And even if I wanted to upgrade to S10, I can't. 


I'm very disappointed with Samsung and their upgrade program. The only thing I can do now is to wait till my contract ends. Maybe its a blessing in disguise because it means I'll be eligible to move to another company that doesn't promise false upgrades. 


Maybe a 'Genius' at some store will be more than happy to take my money.